Notes from Kos: Turtles

Whilst away on a beautiful island, we happened upon a gorgeous piece of wilderness. Untouched by humans, there laid a pure golden beach caressed by a turquoise ocean overseen by two tiny volcanic islands across the way. As we approached, we noticed a family of turtles scurrying across the sand, keen to be unseen by us. They divebombed into a crystal clear stream that ran parallel to the ocean edge, far back from the shore, against the scrub and wild of the Greek outback. From the stream they popped their heads above the water; little dinosaur-like features bobbing along the surface; believing we could no longer see them, they would spy on us for hours, waiting for us to desert this wilderness and seek the mass populated ‘paradise’ of rows of sunbeds, cafes and free WiFi.

There are signs gifted even in the smallest of gestures. And with every rise and fall of these majestic little creatures it got us to thinking about human consciousness.

Like the turtles, we too have the capacity to travel between the unseen depths of the waters (the soul) and the physical realm (earth).

Once we’ve tasted the treasure the lies beneath, we are more open to visiting the ocean bed to reveal more.

Like turtles; as they leave the safety of the water into the land of the giants, we must learn to do the exact opposite; leave the safety of the physical to dive deep within. Into the soul, the spirit.

Turtles gain additional nourishment in scavenging the earth’s surface.

We gain additional nourishment in searching the oceans of the soul.

There are dangers and there may be pain along the way.

But know this.

The trip is worth it. And it’s all meant to be.

In this oceanside slice of bliss, the stream possessed less than a tenth of the land. Yet it was full to the brim with life. There were iridescent fishes, stunning birds, colonies of ants, flying insects and turtles in abundance. All in this small space.

We could easily have overlooked the stream and missed all this magic.

The trick to seeing, is that one needs to keep looking.

Awareness is key. At first, it may feel like the turtles; heads popping up to bob along the surface for minutes at a time.

But, with practice, awareness becomes a full-time full-on sensory overload.

The un-noticeable becomes apparent.

And all the moments are full to the brim with signs/offerings from the divine.

We like to think these little beings were reminding us to keep diving, keep being alert, appreciate all the parts; not just the overpoweringly beautiful; but the parts that run parallel. To look closer, see deeper, to believe in more, to keep our eyes open and to remain inquisitive.

And when life becomes truly tricky (and it will, for there are lessons to be learned); keep faith that you can choose between the soil and the ocean.

We will treasure the memory of these beings for as long as we live. Little mystical ones.

Gratitude & light.

Notes from Kos: Sun down

The sun sinks so rapidly

And when he has fallen below the horizon

A fiery red trail is left

Reminder of his presence

Eventually the red dissolves

Prism of light kisses the sea



Until the ocean mirrors the moon’s shimmer

Waves bathed silver

Flickers in the vast

The unseen

So much light

So much presence

Most often ignored and unseen

These bodies of light

So generously radiate their energy

We vow to no longer ignore them so much