Meditate To Medicate

Five minutes of meditation a day should come with a warning; beware, you are likely to stop giving a damn about materialism and what others think of you. You will fall into present and unravel gloriously to reveal your inner truth.

There’s too much pressure these days to keep on going; moving at light speed, doing and taking as much as possible.

Information overload and adrenaline junkies; we can’t switch off from fight-or-flight and the noise becomes overwhelming.

Some of us medicate with soul junk food; distractions to keep our attention stimulated, because if we stop, even if just for a moment, the crash may occur. Modern distractions for this syndrome include mobile phone addiction, watching TV (especially surfing or soaps you don’t like), eating foods that aren’t nourishing; processed foods, junk, sweet, alcohol, taking drugs (prescription and recreational), over exercise, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, too much sleep; basically anything out of balance. The things we know aren’t good for us, yet we quickly become addicted to them anyway. Anything to avoid feelings and being.

Because panic sets in when we realise we are trading our lives (our precious time) for a heartless relationship, meaningless job etc. or we realise that material gain I the world doesn’t fulfil or complete our desires. So, how to avoid all this?

The simplest way? To meditate.

Why? Because it strips our souls bare; dissolves the external noise and allows us peace at centre. The process reveals our truth; not someone else’s story or version of how we should be.

Meditation pulls back the veil to reveal the inner flame; allowing us to light up from within.

Meditation has this reputation for being extremely difficult; images are conjured of sitting in lotus for an hour trying to visualise peace, love and calm. We feel we aren’t up to it; physically, mentally or emotionally. And how will we fit it in? Especially alongside any other self-care ritual; preparing quality meals, mindful movement, journaling and self nurturing? The truth is, 5 minutes a day gives us back so much more. It’s like recovering from the chaos.

We may have written about this before, so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

All you need to do to meditate is:

  • Get in a relaxed state; dedicate a small space where you can sit (best) or lie (second best) with no distractions

  • Pause in your chosen seat for 5 minutes

  • Set the timer for 5 minutes

  • Close your eyes softly; no scrunching or tension in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders

  • Observe the breath as it enters and leaves the nose

  • Each time your mind wanders (and it will; constantly to begin with), coax attention back to the breath; cool air at nostrils as you inhale and warm air as you exhale

Things that may arise:

  • Loud inner voice telling you you’re uncomfortable or incapable of continuing. Ignore it. Continue

  • Seeking distractions; be still, don’t fidget and ignore your surroundings. Back to breath

  • Fidgets; let the body be still. No picking nails

  • Discomfort. You won’t break in a seated posture in 5 minutes. Continue on

  • Emotions; let them be. Tears, anger, happiness, sadness; all part of the process. Let these emotions wave through; don’t let them carry your attention. Back to breath

Eventually calm, clarity and pure insight will occur. Trust the process.

Practice for 7 days to begin.

Then a week.

Two, three, a month, two months and so on.

Trick yourself into practicing this ritual every single day. Whatever it takes.

See what arises. Meditation is medication.

It eases pain, suffering, aggression, anxiety, loss of direction and loneliness. It’s a guaranteed way to get to know one self. Taking a moment to pause gives you the gift of time.

Try it.

You won’t regret it.