Journalling The Journey

What we hold onto can hold us down.

We like to envisage life like a canvas. Every thought, word and action leave a brushstroke; low frequencies sink deep; the difficult emotions that feel the heaviest, sink the deepest. Then there are the light emotions; jewel-like watercolour patterns that shift and disappear with grace; barely touching the surface.

If we overload the canvas; if we hold onto all that has ever happened, there is little opportunity for new art; for growth, new experiences and a new method of creativity.

Movement is magic in releasing energetic patterns in the physical body; as is breath. Over time, mindful movement of any kind becomes medicinal to body, soul and mind.

But there are two practices that really support our cleaning the canvas.

One is presence; the greatest gift/present. Because in being present, we become aware of each brushstroke before it even touches the surface. Therefore, we consciously choose what art we create with our lives. We choose what we hold onto (ideally nothing) and what we let go of (ideally everything). This is not a simple practice, especially now in the fast-paced, distraction-laced world hell-bent on selling us everything in sight. The current ‘disease of more’ encourages us to be either dragged back to our past, or desperately dreaming of our future.

So the second support gold-dust practice is a method to assist the shift from then and future, to now. It’s a direct path to the heart. In to crystal clear authenticity and shockingly simple reality. And that’s journalling.

We are each the author of a divine story; our lives.

And within each of us is that incessant voice within; the inner critic that obscures the heart truth.

Journalling provides a direct line from head to heart. From the overloaded to the unstruck.

Now, before we go into how, we need to recall that the simplest tasks are often the most profound.

Pure water carves valleys through rock.

With time, the simple practice of writing in flow will provide you with the wings of transformation.

Here is how:

  • Buy a journal specifically for journaling. It doesn’t matter what; it needs enough space for generous doses of days and weeks notes

  • Dedicate a pen solely for journaling

  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than your normal wakeup call

  • Rise upon your alarm

  • Just write 3 solid pages of text; let the words pour

What to write?

Anything the inner voice tells you. “This is ridiculous. I’ve nothing to say today” or “I’m tired. It’s pitch back. My mind is empty”…..just carry on. Write it all down. Keep filling the pages. Non-stop. Let the words spill.

As these words are given physical form, something will happen (and it doesn’t matter if it takes days, weeks or months):

  1. You will wipe the canvas clean. Processing the emotions and letting words fall to paper, empties our bodies of the impressions our interactions paint. We feel liberated and listened to; we fall into the gift of the moment and words will flow eventually. Three pages will feel futile as time passes; you’ll wish you had three books to fill! This ritual is like self-therapy; it could save you thousands in therapy costs!

  2. Eventually you’ll notice the voice changes. It softens, feels less forced, speaks of things perhaps you never thought possible. This is the voice of your heart. Deepest truth. Unstruck. Authentic sound. Crystal clear. Wisdom notes from true self; “I need to take a break”, “This relationship has to end” and “I need to let go”. This voice knows best and happens before all the conditioning and constriction occurred.


  • It doesn’t matter how you write; the language, you may even draw symbols or pictures. It matters not if you write in 3rd person or ‘I’ or if you have nothing to write (this is just ego getting in the way); just write “I have nothing to say”. You’ll soon have plenty to say; trust us.

  • When three pages are filled, stop, drop the pen and close the book

  • Never read your notes

  • Never allow anyone else to read your notes

  • Once the book is full, dispose of it; burn it (safely) or drown it; whatever; let it go

Remember this is a process of letting go and releasing. Judgement plays no part here. If it helps you can support the practice with other rituals:

  • Play music

  • Practice journaling in a specific place every day

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath before an after

  • Pour a special tea before or after

Do anything to support yourself better. If you feel silly, conscious or fearful or like it’s pointless, do it anyway.

Just three pages. Start today. Now.

Then again, tomorrow.

We could tell you the benefits, but we prefer for you to discover them yourself.

Find the magic of the untouched medicine, the ancient elixir and unbrewed potion for yourself.