Fresh Eyes; How Are You?

If you’re asked ‘how are you?’, most responses are ‘I’m okay’. What a state to be! Just okay?!!

If this were your last day on the planet, would you really be satisfied with OK?!

Even worse are the responses like ‘I survived’, ‘I’m alright’, ‘Just about OK’!

It’s utterly heart breaking that we collectively sell so much of our most precious commodity; our time, to do things that make us feel just okay.

You can’t reclaim or refund the hours you spend.

Life is not a rehearsal.

How about living life more fully? So that we are either ‘abundantly, stupidly happy’ or ‘devastatingly angry or sad’. At least we are FEELING and BEING.

It doesn’t mean we are being swayed by the emotions. Those of us who have a yoga practice of any consistent kind, know that the emotions and thought patterns are just waves on the surface; they come, they go and so on. What lies beneath remains still; untouched, unstruck. But at least we are embracing the moment. With no denial. We are facing the true atomic frequency of what is shifting and dancing within.

Try it; next time someone says ‘how are you?’, take a moment to really feel (rather than think first) about how you are and try to express it in a non-harmful, more authentic way ‘I’m exhausted’ or ‘I’m struggling with my workload right now’ or ‘I’m feeling really very good today; I had a down day yesterday and I’ve bounced back feeling high!’ may arise.

It’s interesting how these small actions start spiralling out of control. We suddenly find ourselves really effortlessly speaking more truths.

A classic thing we’ve observed over time is the action of rushing. People even rush to fill the silence. Like they’ll be asked a question, and almost immediately they’ll respond. Sometimes (and we aren’t suggesting all the time!) it’s nice to just pause and really think about the words you use. We’ve written about this before; but there might be a frequently used phrase that just flows as speech, that no longer truly represents what it used to mean for you. ‘I love’ is one we’ve written before; how can ‘I love you’ have the same depths it used to mean, or that is intended, when we use it so much in our everyday language; ‘I love chocolate, I love him, I love that book, I love to do this, I love the way that happens’.

So, maybe try to spend one day thinking before you speak.

We’ve noticed it with our favourite teachers; there are long pauses while they really think about the words they are using. Eckhart Tolle always really takes his time to process the information before he shares his thoughts; you’ll notice it if you listen to any of his interviews or audiobooks. Osho was the same. There are many examples. We are each capable of saying so much more, if only we use the right words in the right manner. In essence, we say more when we speak from centre.

Everyone has those moments where we speak from our heads, not our hearts, right? And you end up regretting it.

So, a subtle way to embrace seeing the old with fresh eyes, is to take these auto-pilot responses to ‘how are you?’ and take a moment to really feel, then express it in the best way possible. No need to bear your soul open to complete strangers or give your energy away; it may be that ‘okay’ sums it up, but at least stop and search it out, before attempting to label yourself repetitively and inauthentically.

Light, love & grace x