Lila Lit: Literature to Light Us Up!

Want to unplug from the daily noise and re-centre, re-connect and feel inspired?

Willing to invest maybe an hour a week diving into some soul nourishing books?

Join us for our LILA LIT gatherings.

You don't have to live in Suffolk, practice yoga, have met us and you only need spend money on the book or audio download.

All you need do is sign up by emailing us. We'll let you know the book and you can choose whether you want to meet up and participate in a gathering of conversation, or join us from afar by receiving email reflections afterwards.

Why are we setting this up? Because some books have created huge tidal wave changes in our lives. They have inspired us to be more than we thought possible. And through all our dark experiences, books have often times carried us through.

Because the world can change, one person at a time.

Because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to be inspired to get creative and be the fullest, best expression of themselves.

These books will be yogic, in that they will interweave elements of the yoga philosophy and have an equally inquisitive, gentle, honest effect; just like that which we experience when in the rhythm of yoga.

We hope you'll join us for this exploration of creativity.

You'll need an open mind & an open heart. But, we promise, the journey will absolutely be worth it x