April; Authentically Grateful

Let the light (with)In.

Having just participated in two back-to-back sessions, our energy has shifted.

The heart has expanded beyond the brain. We’ve fallen into grace.

Softened by the presence of courageous beings who choose to fully show up and shed what no longer serves them.

The layers uncurled, revealing new landscapes beneath. Hidden territory.

We’ve dived the ocean and found the treasure.

All the while, that great oceanic breath flowing deeper. Stilling the thought waves. Like wind through trees, our hearts expanded and all we could see, and feel was light.


This is what encompasses and cradles us in this moment. Embracing us like a wave.

Authentic, heart full gratitude.

To you.

For having shared a moment in time with us. For having danced to the breath. Without ego.

We encourage you to practice thankfulness for being alive, for being whole. All encompassing. Moments of complete loss and confusion. Moments of complete clarity and bliss.

This practice is medicinal. This poetry can not be described by the human language. It must be felt. Experienced.

This potion must be poured into the rivers of the body. Sipped slowly. Each drop tasted so intensely. Then; only then, can this elixir bring the rewards.

We are the ones we have been looking for. All the light you ever craved. All the answers. They lie within.

Those dark moments? The ones that opened and broke you in two? They had lessons. In breaking, we allow to soften. Yoga calls the scattered parts to centre. Those pieces we gave away, the ones which were stolen. The ones we dropped because we were too fearful to carry on.

All of them magnetise back within.



So, yes, practice gratitude this month. For the wonder of you. For the incredible lightness of being.

Next time you catch yourself speaking down to you, caving into the fear, feeling that life has become impossible. Remember your truth. You are a miracle. Science can’t explain how or why we are here. Only the heart can do that.

Second, authenticity. For being unapologetic and gentle with ourselves. For going lightly into the darkness and exploring the ‘stuff’ that brings us down, holds us back. For keeping it real, especially when it’s not been easy to. Simply, for being you.

There’s enough fakery in this world. We need not dwell on this fact.

When we open our palm and extend a hand, the energy shifts. The patterns of vibration emanate and expand. Let us soften and surrender.

Be gently you. Explore actions before they are expressed. Don’t get swept along by the opinions of others or the collective conscience. Be real with yourself; always ask questions; not with the thinking mind, but with the body-mind. How are we feeling today? What is creating tension and suffering? Can we ease off and allow ourselves some space? Are there dreams that we are refusing to live?

Remember the microcosm of the macrocosm; the small mirrors the mighty.

A butterfly flaps her wings. And a storm is created.

We need not express all to the world. Some things are sacred for ourselves. Go light. Be the light. And encourage others.

Sometimes words strung together make no sense. It’s so hard to process yet more information.

But know that the breath will guide you.

Now there is light.

Blessings. Keep practicing. Never stop believing.

Keira & Maia x