Comparison Kills Creativity

How many drops of water do you think there are in an ocean? What about all the earth's oceans?

How many blades of grass do you think lie rooted in a meadow?

How many branches of a tree? And petals of a flower?

Do you suppose the birds compete as to who has the best song? Or that the branches compete over who grows the longest?

Do you feel that each blade of grass becomes competitive with one another? Or that they start to copy one another; growing to the same angle?

Is there competition or comparison in the natural world?

Comparison kills our creativity.

Any good yogasana practitioner knows not to compare the shapes they create with the person next to you. How can we compare? We are unique. We are individual.

Do yourself a huge favour; drop comparison now. And don't let other's opinions affect you.

Be you-nique and wonderful. Support yourself and those around you with positive, upbeat affirmations.

We assure you right now; you can have two people dictate from a script and take the same mannerisms. They can try to be one another. But they won't be the same.

Why do you suppose actors audition for parts? Each has something unique to offer. Something no one else can.

We are unique.

Even twins have differences.

We were put here, as a miracle of life, to be unique. To look different, to be unique, to be individual. And to inspire others with your light.

So embrace your individuality. Focus on being you. And the best version of you possible.

And if someone wants to mock you, emulate you, criticise or compete....let them. With no judgement, no fear. Just light and love in your heart.

Because you are on your own unique path. And you are here to live out your life purpose.

Comparison-itis quashes your creativity.

So get creative. Breathe. Believe. And receive x