Slow Down & Feel More

So much of life feels like a non-stop racing rush now.

Eateries include 'fast food restaurants'.

Beauty treatments can be 'express'.

Internet orders can be 'next day' delivery; and for those that can't wait that long, don't worry, we'll have drones delivering within the hour soon!

Coffees, cash and loan applications are all 'instant'.

Is it just us, or does everyone want everything now?!

Everything seems to be lacking substance; like food; whatever happened to preparing with love? We used to go to the bakers, the greengrocer and the corner store to buy local, fresh produce. Then we'd go home and prepare it as a family. We'd take time to slow cook the food, so it retained much of its nutrition. Then we'd take time to consume it slowly, without distraction, chewing and tasting every single mouthful. So grateful to have fresh vegetables and exotic foods shipped in from across the world. We'd enjoy meals most likely as a family or a group. Food was a source of celebration and commune.

Now everything is so fast; meals can be nuked in a microwave in less than five minutes and nutrition-lacking foods can be wolfed down in front of the TV or whilst playing the latest X-box games (forgive us; this is likely dated, but we really aren't up to speed with these things!).

As the world has sped up, the small details have become blurred. Like when travelling on the motorway; the roadside is no longer in focus.

Life has unfortunately become a fast game with fast rules. It's more about the destination, than the journey.

We've said it before, but can you seriously think of one scenario where slowing down wasn't insanely good? It's obvious; walking, driving, travelling, eating, making love, getting dressed, waking up, winding down, exercising, moving, drinking, every-ing is better when slower, no?

Take it from us; yoga-ing is seriously satisfying when practiced slower.

Yoga is a gift in so many ways.

It's a potion to the present madness of everything being instant.

Yoga practiced slow is more difficult.

But, actually, maybe the real gift of Yoga is that it can not be achieved quickly, in a rush. You can't 'express' learn true, transformative Yoga in a hurry. It's a practice that needs to be consistently played.

The slower we practice Yoga, the more enlightenment we achieve.

In slowing the breath, we crack open the hard shell exterior. And we soften into the light within.

The western world may have gone crazy fast. But it does not mean you have to.

Simple ways to regain the full, slow, sumptuous experience of life:

- Home cook meals and snacks; prepare a list of meals for the week ahead and take time to organise how and when you're going to prepare the meals

- Chew your food thoroughly. Taste every mouthful

- Don't react to words, or express your opinion so quickly. Take moments to pause and really analyse & process how best to express what it is you want to say. Count to 5 before you respond

- Switch the TV off

- Have a digital detox hour/day/week; no electronic devices of any kind

- Tap into your creativity and spend time doing what you enjoy, rather than what we have been conditioned to do (shopping/pubs/eating out/spending money). Instead write, walk, knit, read, jog, paint, explore. Time goes slowly when we really want to savour each moment

- Meditate. 5 minutes a day is bliss. Meditation is medication for many

- Sleep more. Once a week, go to bed an hour earlier

- Chill out. Do less. Be more

- Journey slower; like really walk/drive/run slower. Leave earlier and S L O W down

- Get a massage or attend yin sessions to unwind and let go. Become more conscious

- Attend yoga sessions to release stress and get reacquainted with your body and it's connection to nature; realise you are nature

- B R E A T H E slower, deeper, more meaningfully

Imagine you are driving a car. Make this journey of life more about the journey, as opposed to the destination. Take your foot off the gas, and allow time to observe and enjoy the scenes that unfold along the way.

We only get one today. Choose how you spend it wisely.

Drink in every experience in every second and let nothing go unfelt.

Make a list of everything that feels rushed. Reassess these chores. And now write down and set an intention of how you aim to slow them down.

Slow down. Feel more.