March; Breathe

‘’ Let the water wash over you Wash it all over you Swim to the ocean floor So that we can begin again Wash away all our sins Crash to the other shore’’


In this fast-paced, crazy world it’s difficult to take moments to pause, to check in and observe how we are being today.

Energy levels are high and consistently maintaining an overtly fast life, eventually leads to fight-or-flight panic. There are so many ailments suffered due to this on-demand outlook. Illnesses such as exhaustion, depression, loss of confidence, eating disorders, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, shortness of breath, panic attacks and restlessness are a result of this incessant need for speed.

The solution to all this panic? Yoga. Yoga. And a little more Yoga.

When in group yoga, you’ll notice a moment when the energy falls.

In this moment of descent, every one of us softens and opens to new depths. Muscles relax. Tension drops. Breath sounds like wind through trees.

The mind quietens.

The energetic resonation of us falls in sync; in flow.

Then we feel fully aligned; aware of the bodies of energy surrounding us.

This is flow. Alignment. Unity.

This is bliss.

It’s not an easy journey. In shapeshifting and manipulating the muscles and fascia, stored energies are released; the associated emotions that arise aren’t always pleasant.

By swimming into the ocean of breath and diving to the emotional floor, we expose buried feelings; those we couldn’t process at the original time they rippled up to the surface.

Tears, anger, discomfort, shaking, quivering; all are emanations of the body releasing these emotional tensions.

We encourage a lot of sighing in sessions; not only to stimulate the throat chakra, but also to mobilise and release these energies that have been stirred.

The breath carries us through and guides us, safely and supportively, to process these emotions without the intelligence of the mind.

Using the ancient art of the breath and the body.

We feel into being. Exploring what’s going on inside. Without judgment.

It’s no different off the mat; when we fall in sync with the life flow; when we can be present in the rise and fall of life experiences and the emotions we feel, then we light up from within.

We alight. We drop the baggage that holds us down.

We create more space within; for new opportunity, for growth.

And providing we do all this with real mindfulness and conscious intention, then we can make radical transformation occur.

The fire within (agni) expands to burn up all the toxic energy; all that is negative and no longer serves us.

It fires us up, energises us and sets us on fire; increasing our passion for life.

This is only one benefit of Yoga and the yogasana (the physical practice of Yoga).

So, this month, we wholeheartedly encourage you to take 5 minutes out of each day to release energy as it occurs. Let us not bury these experiences or let them inhibit our chance to feel life in every part of us; body, mind and soul.

Let’s create space and fall into being. Aligned, so we can flow. And flowing, so we can align.

Lilavati Light Meditation

Switch off your mobile device. Disconnect the TV. Turn all the lights low.

Light a candle. Look to flame. Close your eyes.

Stay seated or lie on the earth.

Take a moment to soften and lengthen the breath.

No judgment, no mind chatter.

You can’t stop the inner voice; but you can turn the volume down on it by focussing attention to the breath alone.

So, breathe and allow your mind to scan every part of your body.

Begin at feet and ask your feet to soften. Let the attention spill into the feet and explore any tension; relax and open.

Ask legs to release, knees to relax. Fill up with breath. Let the skin expand.

Spend time at the hips. Again, no judgement; just feel into them. Explore and notice what lies there. Flush it away with breath.

Let the breath wash you clean.

Into the belly; again; let a little more time allowing attention to resonate here. Let go of any holding. Breathe into the belly so much that the skin expands and releases. Imagine breath flooding like water through the inner channels. Ask your belly to let go. Release.

Up to heart centre. Go gentle here. No judging. No words. Always come back to breath. Let the breath swirl about heart. Release. Let go. Ask your heart to let go.

No panic. Just presence.

Throat centre next. Soften, release. Ask your throat to release. Relax.

Jaw relaxed, breathe into the face and soften. No tension anywhere. Let. Go.

Take the attention to the back of the head. Let the skin expand. Ask the head to relax and let go.

Always recall the breath.

Now, lastly take attention to the top of the skull. Release. Relax. Let it all go.

Imagine a bright, white light pouring into the crown of the skull, spilling into the spinal column. Let every part of you that is relaxed and softened, to be full of this bright light.

Imagine you are outside of your body. Look down onto this body of bright, white light.

Feel spacious. Feel cleansed.

You are unique. You are beautiful. Every experience you ever felt, was meant to be. To get you here today. You are perfect. You are nature. And; you are loved.

We believe in you.

If you crave an opportunity for true cleansing, join us on one of our yin sessions at Mint Fitness in Aldeburgh. 8.20pm Tuesdays or 11.30am Sundays.

Our light honours your light,

Keira & Maia


© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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