Infinite offerings

Gratitude to all who have turned up, shown up & danced with the breath at our sessions offered over the past few months. Words alone really could never express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.

Each of you is our teacher and we bow deeply to your light.

It is only thanks to you that we get to do what we love most; share this ancient, wisdom practice of transformative, medicinal union.

We are humbled to share yet more sessions. Each is authentic to our practice.

Like all things; please don't get caught up in the names. All are Lilavati style; in that the sequences are emanations and ripples from what we have learnt over the years. We only theme them so you can get a taste of what to expect:

Yin sessions allow us to bask in the depths of seeming stillness. Bathed in blissful sounds; the evening sessions will be by candlelight. This is far less dynamic than our other sessions. In fact these sessions are static; no vinyasa at all. They are suitable for EVERY BODY. We love balancing our yang (dynamic movement) with this yin style. All postures are supported by props (bolsters/bricks/straps) and last between 3 & 5 minutes. We call these 'With-Yin' because they are a retreat to within.

The Warrior & Steep Deep flows are the complete opposite to yin. They are far more dynamic and awaken the body and allow deep detoxification. These flows can be challenging, but deeply rewarding. These sequences harness strength and flexibility in equal measure. We've never been easily squished into a box and these flows are unique to our practice; all inspired by our greatest teachers; our many yoga teachers, nature; the animals, weather patterns, bodies of water and earth, our life experiences; mountains of happiness followed by valleys of heartache & sorrow. And of course all are inspired by our greatest teachers; the students who show up & share their practice fearlessly.

We are excited to share these offerings with you.

Let's fall into flow, get aligned & unite. As one.