Lilavati Style

Notice the little y on ‘yoga’; because here we are speaking purely of the physical part of yoga; not the 8 limbs. We have

practiced pretty much every type of yoga you can think of from ashtanga through to yin yoga. We have rocked up to restorative classes practiced in blankets; about 5 postures practiced in 60 minutes with a 20 minute savasana, and we have participated in crazy, fast, sweaty, flying classes for 120 minutes where the room spins because you’re moving so fast. We’ve been to well over 200 teachers between us and have fallen in love with some and being out of balance in others.

What we came to learn over the years, was that for us, mindful yoga is the most important ingredient. And for us, that meant slowing down; making sure that we allowed space for the postures and their effects on our bodies and minds, to be really noticed and felt.

As a result, our practice is flowing; we move into and out of postures with the breath. The transitions are just as important as the main postures. The speed varies according to the class we are teaching, but overall, they are dynamic; they move with the breath. If you slow the breath down and string it out, to a count of four (‘Inhale, 2, 3, 4”) then imagine moving to each breath; that’s about the pace of our classes.

Some are difficult; power yoga includes core work, it may have some mountain climbers in or some strength and fire building practices. These are generally saved for our morning sessions and are designed to awaken the inner fire, boost the metabolism and allow us to feel energised and awake. Ready for what the day gifts us.

Warrior flows work on strength and are a little faster; there will likely be more postures involved and the sequencing will feel more flowy. Again, these will include elements of building muscle, repeating moves to build the muscles, allow more balance. None of our sessions are crazy fast; we want you to feel present and aligned with breath. But the warrior flow and power flow are faster.

Steep Deep is slower; more rhythmic. It works on release and letting go. These flows incorporate long held postures to allow space and time for us to feel into the main poses and get to know them and our alignment better.

Shakti Sundays are slower and deeper with lots of options for trying new variations on postures; different hand positions, diverse ways of coming into and out of posture.

All sessions are designed to work with one another; they follow a common theme each week and we attempt to use a basic structure for a 6-week cycle to allow you to get to know it and really fall into the practice. This also allows you to play with home practice; if you wanted, between classes you could practice for maybe 10 minutes once or twice a week; just playing with the sequence you’ve learnt in class. So, if you attend Steep Deep for 3 consecutive weeks, you may notice that the sun salutes or warm up are similar; then if you attend a Warrior Flow the following week, you’ll notice that the poses are similar, but the ways of getting into them are different. This allows you to explore and create mini-sequences at home.

We share our yogasana exclusively at Mint Fitness in Aldeburgh, but if you are not local to Suffolk, then look out for our audio and video classes coming soon. Plus we will be hosting longer workshops and day re-treats in 2018.

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