February; Heart Over Head

Almost everyone has got Valentines in mind this month and love has certainly been the theme for our intention the past 8 years for February classes.

Heart over head means to listen to the heart/the emotions above the mind/the thoughts.

It means to undo the patterns where we tell ourselves we aren’t enough. A sentence we typically play on repeat silently; we just mix up the sentences ‘I can’t do this because’, ‘Who am I to do this? Say this? Be this way?’. So many sentences where we put ourselves down and mentally morph into different people, to be seen as we believe other people would want to see us.

So many experiences where we silence our heart and choose to follow thoughts instead. How many situations have you had where your heart was telling you to do something, and instead you chose to do something else? The opposite? And what was the outcome? We suspect it was regret.

So, firstly to follow your heart takes deep courage. All of our teacher trainings came out of moments of pure heart clarity. We had a pretty tough upbringing and doubt, fear and self-hatred were high. But signing up to yoga trainings followed moments of real heart listening. Even now, when there are moments of doubt and fear, we use the tools learned on the mat, to silence that voice and just follow our hearts.

Secondly, one of the most important qualities of love is acceptance.

Isn’t it about time we accepted that we are whole human beings? That perfection lies in the imperfections? That we were born unique and that beauty runs deeper than the skin. Life is a whole experience; a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. We suffer pain, loss and grief and we experience great highs, joy and love.

So long as we are authentic, and we show up, dropping the masks and reducing the need to shrink or contort to fit in with other’s expectations, then we can really be seen. And open to opportunities for love.

The times when we feel most happy, are those when we fully embrace who we are. When we show up, unafraid, no doubts, fearlessly free to being seen.

Loving rituals are about balance; feeding nourishing thoughts, feelings and actions, taking time to withdraw, allowing freedom to express, giving and receiving, seeing and being seen.

So, this month we will be focussing on silencing the thoughts. And giving free rein to the heart.

If it’s not a heartful yes, then it’s a no.

Try this practice just once a day; when you stall or are lost for inspiration or need to make a decision, pause. Mentally scan the body and see where the energy resides; is there tension or pressure in any part of the body? Can you breathe space into the tightness or compression? Can you allow your body to relax? Now see if you can coax the mind to fall into breath and settle there for at least 3 inhales and exhales. Then look to your heart and feel the answer, rather than think it. Follow that instinct, rather than your thought. And see what ripples from there.

Practicing this sort of ritual for 2 minutes every day soon becomes a pattern. And you will instinctively start to follow your heart over your head. And reap abundance and goodness as a result.

Wishing you a love-filled February.