Embrace Now

Truth is, we don’t really perceive the New Year as a new one.

Yoga seriously simplifies, yet seriously complicates everything!

And if our blog pieces aren’t enough to convince you that we are a little ‘out there’ with some of our theories, then this statement might be.

All through December, we tried to shine a little light on our perception of time and how messed up it all is. Or can be.

It isn’t for everyone.

But for the majority, the gifts of life are being ignored. And instead we pursue material goods whilst spending our time doing things that don’t really fulfil us. So we can die an easy death abundant in material wealth. But likely lacking in the things that really matter. And certainly, ignoring the gifts of life, love and all the beauty of nature.

So, for us, New Year isn’t really new. My four-legged companion doesn’t recognise January 1st as a new year. She doesn’t care what I care to name it. To her it’s a new day; a new opportunity to show and share love, to go places yet unexplored, have fun, be filled with presence, love and kindness. She is not about to say, ‘Well today I vow to give up chasing squirrels’ or ‘From this day onwards I’ll run for an extra mile’. She will say nothing of that kind.

So, whilst we are for the idea of looking back, reassessing and bringing into focus more of what we want, and less of what we don’t; we are not into ‘New Year, New You’.

And these ‘fresh starts’ can be made at any time. Please don’t buy into the common thesis that you need to do it from January 1st and that if you happen to ‘break’ it, you can start up again next year.

No. Rather, life can be lived with full presence and our perceptions and actions can shift at any given moment. Today. Right here. Right now. Within the next 60 seconds.

If you live mindfully, in the moment, you can ‘fix’ anything straightway. You can make decisions from an authentic place. You can speak knowing that you are expressing exactly what you mean. With purpose. Safe in the knowledge that it’s from your being here now.

So, we are encouraging you to do a few things that we think will really make a difference to your life:

  1. Practice Yoga. Wherever you are in the world, go and support a local teacher by attending a session. If the class doesn’t resonate with you, try another. There is no greater gift than Yoga. Believe us when we say, Yoga (not just the physical practice, but that’s a good start) saved our lives and transformed us beyond recognition. So, go and practice yogasana with a teacher. Get in a room with other beings and let your body learn to talk to spirit by linking movement with breath. Allow yourself the gift of being mindful.

  2. Breathe. Like you mean it. Practice some mindful breathing to be more conscious.

  3. Love you for who you are. Right now. Not when you achieve something specific, or become something.

  4. Love everyone around you. Even those you don’t really love (!). What we mean is offer up some understanding, forgiveness and space for everyone you interact with. Forgive those who hurt you deeply; even if for unspeakable actions. Because if you harbour resentment, it will prevent you from moving on. Don’t let others’ actions affect your path. Learn from them, wish them well and let them go.

  5. Forgive. Everything. Everyone. Do what you can and don’t judge others if they don’t agree.

  6. Let go. Of fear, anxiety, thoughts, judgments, preconceived ideas. Just let all that stuff go. If you don’t, how can life move through you? How can you grow? We can only extend a palm when we uncurl a fist. Let go and let god (or any name you wish to call the divine energy that exists).

  7. Be positive. In all areas of life. Be optimistic, even when you aren’t necessarily thinking positively, pretend you are initially. The body will come to learn positivity as a habit.

  8. Remember you are not a tree. If you don’t like something, move. You are not rooted to the earth in a situation. You are free. Just shift your perception.

  9. Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

  10. Remember you are stardust. We are nature. We are part of the miracle of life. This thing called life doesn’t stop at the edge of our home, street, town, city, country, planet, solar system, or even at the edge of our universe. Life is a mystery. Life is a miracle. How can you ever doubt your ability to achieve anything, when you are here, now, on this little spinning planet that dances about, amongst millions of other planets, stars and galaxies. You received the gift of life. You are capable of anything.

No matter what you call it. If, like us, it’s just another day. Or you want to honour it as a fresh start, a new beginning, an opportunity to start over, we wish you a joyful day.

We wish you the very best version of yourself. Full of abundance, full of vitality, full of riches and full of smiles.