Presence Is A Present

Presence Is A Present

Being here now is the truest gift December is a beautiful month to celebrate the joy of life; our connections to self, to others and the ways we choose to express our gratitude for the gifts of love, community, life & being present It's also a good opportunity for us to look over the past year and really investigate what went well for us, what was unexpected and allow ourselves the chance to grow in all manners; spiritually, physically and mentally Presence is the greatest present you can gift yourself & others. Never underestimate the practice of mindfulness & being in the moment If you are not here, then where are you? We are all prone to reminiscing about the past or dreaming of the future. But in doing so, we miss the magic of now Are you really here, fully present in the moment of now? Or is your mind wandering? Is your body fidgeting? Are you consciously hearing the sounds that surround you? The temperature on your skin? The colours that abound? Are you fully aware? If we do not offer ourselves the gift of being here, now, then we are not fully present. If we are not fully present, we can not fully tap into the source of who we truly are Do you often feel empty? Lacking? Spacey? Dizzy? Anxious? Not alert? Disoriented? Foggy? If so, it may be due to you not being able to feel fully in the moment Our method for measuring time is an illusion; we segregate, categorise and compartmentalise it into seconds, minutes and hours. But, truly, time is just the constant moment of now. Once spent it is irretrievable, gone forever. We can't physically experience the moments we have spent We have all suffered loss. We live in loss. Moments fall and melt into this constant river of now-ness

And the most valuable gift you can offer anyone, most importantly yourself, is the moment of is-ness To be. Here. Now To close your eyes, slow the breath and allow yourself to be fully real If you can gain the is-ness even for a moment; one deep hit of breath, then everything shifts We recognise that now is what matters most. Material goods lose the value we place so highly. We begin to reassess how we 'spend' our time and how our 'work' and 'chores' are an exchange of energy. What will bring us fulfilment when we come to the end of our 'now' in this human form? How will we feel we have 'spent' it? This month we will be investigating this further (articles to be published at our online space) Our gift to you this month is to invite you to play with sitting in your own company. In the here. In the now. In the vast, in-ending is-ness. Without judgment, but just in reflection; see what arises, what shifts, what uncurls and shifts to reveal beneath Simple 5 minute 'presence' practice: - Find a quiet space without distraction - Sit comfortably with straight spine, hips above knees (you may need to elevate the seat onto a cushion, small pile of books or block) - Set a timer or alarm to 5 minutes - Bring the eyes to close - Soften everywhere and allow your weight to release deeper to earth - Inhale to a slow count of 4 - Pause the breath to a count of 4 - Slowly exhale to a count of 8 - Repeat 3 times - Allow your weight to release deeper still - After 3 rounds, allow the breath to fall to its natural rhythm - Silently repeat to yourself ' I am here, now' - Repeat it slowly, with your breath, in a pattern which allows you to feel connected to soul - Repeat slowly and meaningfully

- Release expectation - If the mind wanders, allow it without judgment and coax it back to the breath, as you would coax a loved one to be near - When the alarm rings, switch it off - Sit for as long as you need - Open your eyes gently - Breathe - Believe in your self - Receive With love & light, Keira & Maia x Lilavati; Play light

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