True Presents

The best gifts we can give to anyone, including of course ourselves are time, attention and love.

We all want to feel seen and held.

Currently, most of us feel pressured to purchase material goods to express our love for one another. But for us, the most important gift we can give/receive is time.

Time is so precious.

If you can give someone who matters an hour of your time, undivided attention, truly allowing them to be seen and heard; that is the greatest present.

So be creative and unique. Be different from what the western world would have us believe. And just be. Just give time.

  1. If you are in conversation, truly listen and allow space by dropping your opinions and thoughts. Allow yourself to listen and let the feelings flow without feeling the need to cling onto them.

  2. Think quality over quantity. It’s no good spending lots of time with friends, companions and loved ones, if you are ignoring them. So, try to spend quality time with others; cooking, walking, nurturing, listening, talking, being.

  3. If someone is down, lift them up with laughter, inspiration, thoughtful words and support. Allow people space and time to be.

There are many ways to be generous, without having to spend money. Just try to think outside the box. Sharing true presence with someone can be a joy.

The power of now.

If you’ve not read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ we would urge you to purchase a copy or download the audio version.

But, not directly related to the book, we wanted to recall the power of where we spend our money.

We’ve written pieces on this before. But as reminder, just be aware of the conditioning that occurs daily through the TV, PCs, shop windows, adverts, magazines and popular culture. We are all being conditioned. Constantly. Buy ‘this’ and you will achieve ‘that’. ‘Spend’ here and you will be part of ‘this’ set. If you can upgrade ‘this’ you’ll upgrade your image. Buy ‘this’ and you’ll be like your idol. ‘This’ product will make your life easier/more popular/more attractive/slimmer/more intelligent etc.

So, without going too deep into this topic here, we are being tricked into being told how we should look/live/think/interact aswell as how to spend our money. And remember to spend money is a direct exchange of our spending our time.

But all purchases have consequences. The foods we eat are planted, tended to and harvested by others. The clothes we wear are made, dyed and stitched by others. Goods are shipped from abroad or locally by air, oceans and roads. Profits are supplied to others who have certain values and will invest their money elsewhere.

Every penny we spend has power.

We are indirectly contributing to someone else’s life.

So, choose wisely. Think about all that time you exchanged to purchase these goods. And think about what the outcome of our actions are.

If we purchase a yoga mat, we try to ensure its made using renewable materials, that the people who were involved in the manufacturing process are paid fairly and that the corporation will spend the money wisely; maybe investing the profits back into supporting the planet.

Not all purchases will make a positive difference.

But in today’s world, it’s easier now to investigate and see the outcome of our investments. So, try to purchase in a mindful, minimalistic manner, with intention and love.

We are all one on this planet. And our actions will have repercussions on us all.