Allowing Space

What do we mean by allowing space?

We don’t need to understand and analyse everything. In fact, when it comes down to it, nothing can ever be described as ‘understood’. Even in science, every theory is just that; a theory. And it’s generally the theories that are most likely proven that are accepted as fact.

“In science, a fact is a repeatable careful observation or measurement (by experimentation or other means), also called empirical evidence. ... In the most basic sense, a scientific fact is an objective and verifiable observation, in contrast with a hypothesis or theory, which is intended to explain or interpret facts.”

Eventually if you observe quarks, you’ll notice that they too disappear and reappear. So, essentially everything that exists emerges from and returns to nothing.

Yet we feel. We experience and sense life.

We observe the shifts and changes of nature.

We age. Life happens. Loss and birth occur.

Time exists but we can’t hold it in our palm.

We don’t have to label everything that happens to us and understand it and store it.

But that’s what we try to do. Even the question of how and why life exists. We will never know the answers. We don’t even need to know the answers.

Answers are unnecessary.

Because underneath it all, everything is energy.

So, you feel a way.

If you allow space for that feeling to be. Without trying to judge it, suppress it or understand it. Then the feeling will pass.

Its like waves on an ocean. The ocean is deep and never ceases. The waves pass at the surface but the body of water remains the same.

The waves don’t scar the surface. Just a bird wings don’t scar the sky.

These feelings will pass.

This situation will pass.

And if we can observe and allow space for these things to be and to pass, then we will be present.

Without overreaction. Without fear. Without mindless action.

When we come to realise that in time, all will pass, life flows through us.

And we learn to dance with life from a deeper intuition.

We no longer swim at the surface, only ever seeing the limited landscape.

We can dive deeper and be truer. We get to experience life on a whole different bandwidth. The landscape shifts, skies open and we get to live a life of presence.

We must allow space for ourselves. In doing so, life opens.

So, try to drop the labels, drop your preconceived notions. And live in the here and now with an open heart and mind.

On the mat: as we approach a difficult posture, we may consciously tell ourselves ‘I’ll never be able to do that. I’m tight there. I’m not even going to try it’. But if we allow space and breath we may flip this mantra and change the dialogue; “Breathe into this space here. Where am I holding resistance? Can I let it go? Can I surrender to this feeling of heat or discomfort a little more today?”. Without judgement, and instead with loving support and openness, we allow ourselves to open a little more.

Off the mat: as we approach a local person who has a bad reputation we tell ourselves “I’m going to cross the street. I’d rather avoid speaking with that person based on what everyone else tells me”. But in allowing space we say, “I need to make my own opinion up, based on my own experience with this person. I am going to say ‘morning’ and see what occurs”.

In opening, we open to a whole, wide world of experiences.

So, allow space. Don’t limit your experience of the here and now based on lessons from the past or assumptions about the future. Because life provides all the flavours. And they shift and shimmy with each second.

Allow your perspective to be open and life will blossom like a flower.

© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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