Intentional foods

Energy ripples

Everything is food.

Thoughts, actions, emotions, expression.

We consume so much. Often with little thought about the effects on our wellbeing.

The energy we absorb and express, nourishes us in profound ways.

There is an entire network of channels within for energy to ripple and flow.

Energy to drench & nourish each cell.

If these rivers become blocked or stagnated, the energy is forced to escape the body and float about us like a cloud, no longer accessible as nourishment. We lose our connection to source and so feel tired, heavy, lost, sad, trapped or empty.

To avoid stagnation and allow the rivers to flow, we need to constantly shift toxicity; cast aside negative thoughts, exclude harmful foods, release painful experiences.

We need to breathe deeply; absorbing as much nutrient-rich oxygen as possible.

Adopt gentle love, creativity and positivity.

Any dissipated energy then returns within, to centre, to nourish and feed. To empower and create light that will radiate, expand and pulsate beyond the boundaries of the skin, to positively affect all around us.

As the nights draw in and darkness takes precedence, keep balanced by incorporating lightness of being into your daily life.

Never doubt for one moment that you are anything other than light. Darkness is a path to appreciating the light.

Love, laugh, play, move. Nourish yourself as you would a beloved child.

Be mindful to look after yourself aswell as others.

Don’ expire all your energy, leaving you to run on empty.

Seek time out.

‘Do’ less. ‘Be’ more.

Take time to be creative and unwind.

Cook, colour, listen to music, be with nature, relax, light candles, burn incense, create delicious foods, dance, love and be loved. Eat deliciousness.

Nourish-meant. Meaningfully feed yourself healthfully and bountifully.

Wishing you light and sending love.

Lilavati x