Return To Innocence

Return to Innocence

Children have an open heart and mind to life.

They question everything and witness all situations as if it were their first encounter, even as they grow and experience the same situations over and over.

They have no prejudice, no fear, no compulsive behaviour until it is placed there by experience or conditioning. Slowly, as we grow, we become weighed down by beliefs, ideas, philosophy and prejudice. Fear and compulsive behaviour patterns emerge.

The noise of the mind; the intellect, starts to drown out the sound of the heart; the intuition.

And then life somehow becomes messy. Over time, the heart is silenced by the voice of the mind, the ego and a fear based state. As the soul is silenced, it becomes increasingly easier for us to bury our own inner wisdom.

We get into cars, with loud music raring, radios full of stations playing ideas, adverts and conversational gossip, to travel to jobs that do not fufill us or light us up. We barely notice the landscape, people we pass, birdsong, light of the sky. In truth, we are no longer present. We fixate on the past and the future; anywhere but here, now.

We are no longer fascinated by the world that surrounds us, no longer growing with each experience. We would rather assume and experience life based on other people's ideas, experience and behaviours.

We have lost connection to our inner child. We have lost connection to nature.

The lack of connection to our inner soul, creates a desire to feel comfort and satisfaction. So we turn to compulsive behaviour, addictions, self-sabotage and mental imbalance. We seek finding fulfillment by external pleasures.

But the true pleasure experience lies within. To be in awe, just as we were when children. That is the gift.

There is information overload in our current world. and it's plain unhealthy. It's more noise. More distraction. Less connection. Less authenticity.

This is why Yoga is so effective as a healing practice. It reconnects us to embodying the body, now, in this moment and it heals our wounds, expanding our capacity to return to the innocence of childhood.

Meditation drowns out the sounds, allowing us to hear the inner child's voice, as opposed to the voice of our ego. We move from love, as opposed to moving from fear.

We return to our natural state.

We can access a healing, calming, caring state, no matter where we are. This is true comfort.

The physical practice is transformative beyond words; it' deeply cleansing; literally twsiting, lengthening, flushing breath into the organs, muscles, tissues and cells of our bodies. It flushes old scars with new energy and creates space within. It's playful; it reconnects us to nature by allowing us to mimic the shapes of animals, landcapes and nature. It allows us to grow further than we thought possible; falling, flying, twisting and expanding more and more.

The path of Yoga is out of innocence, yet it is the greatest wisdom. Because the key truth is that to return to innocence is to become wise, whole, reconnected, fulfilled and to feel divine.

To hear your truth; not someone else's.

To move from love.

Underneath it all, there is an inner child deep within. And s/he is dying to be heard and nourished.

Love & light x

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