Diving Into Self

Diving Into Self; New Yoga

Diving Into Self

The Mind Is a Pool

All you seek lies within,

The mind is like a pool; like an ocean.

Thoughts are like waves; ceaseless. Creating patterns of the surface. Categorising, labelling and storing memories, beliefs and habitual patterns. These rippling sensations cause more waves and the surface becomes shifting. All that lies beneath becomes obscured; possibly even forgotten.

Imagine a treasure of the most immense value lies at the depths of this pool, this ocean. In order to seek it out, you first need to trust that it exists. Then you need to dive deep; deeper than you may have believed possible. You will eventually survive the surface waves to a new depth of ocean, untouched, unstirred and still. There you may see glimpses of this treasure. Now you may find new paths, new patterns and new ideas. You may even dive so deep that you can open that treasure and let its magic ripple out into all areas of your life.

The mind is a pool; like an ocean.

The breath is the key to your diving.

The treasure lies within.

If you fancy diving in and exploring the unknown. If you want to open your body using the breath and get cleansed free of your habitual processes; be they mental, physical or spiritual, then feel free to join us on the mat.

These sessions are slow, deep flow with elements of deep myofascial release.

Suited to all levels from complete beginners to intermediates.

Sessions are designed to open us up and allow the space for patterns to shift and a diving in to occur.

If you have any questions, concerns or need directions please email reply.

Hope to see you there.



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