Symphonies of Stardust

Presence is a present. We are all made of stars

Namaskar, It's been a while

But really, time is irrelevant Our perception of time has become disjointed; we all focus far too much on either the memories of the past or the hopes of the future. And we all give too little attention to the only moment that matters; the present It's no coincidence that this word 'present' means both 'here, now' and also 'gift'. For there is no greater realisation or sensation than really dropping the mind and being here now. To breathe and really feel the expansiveness of the breath in every part of the body, like an ocean tide rushing to fill the void of an outstretched beach; just waiting to receive and be complete. To see and feel the intense headiness upon a multitude of colours that become revealed as a flower unfurls to receive the attention of the insects and admiration of humans. To let go of fear and anticipation and to experience the emptiness of no-thing. The most delicious of moments is the present. We all suffer, be it illness, pain, suffering, heartache. The potion to cure our suffering and the power to shift the experience of these emotions into positivity and power, lies within. Miracles can and do exist. The very fact that we are here, present on this tiny speck of rock floating about in a large ocean of rocks, galaxies, fireballs and elements, is proof of that. Miracles surround us. We are blessed with so many, everyday miracles that we have come to take them for granted. We no longer witness them as being miracles. We have lost our gratitude. When scientists tell us we can measure the age of the universe by measuring the distance between stars in the sky, we no longer wonder at what it all means. We have labelled it. We have downgraded the magic. We feel we have conquered the unknowable. Just think about this rock we live on. And all that occurs within and atop of it. Just to experience a flower, a tree, a blade of grass, an ocean, the sky. All are miracles. This is proof that anything is possible. We were all born of stardust. So each day, let this life experience seep into your being so deeply that when it is time for you to depart for the next journey, you may well have these images and experience of miracles sealed in your soul. As artwork to inspire yet more gratitude, more love, more truth. And no matter your age, your suffering, your experience. Know that if you can dream it, you can do it. Being mindful is to be fully present in mind, No outer distractions, No inner distractions. No sounds, sights, ego, anxiety, voices with out or within. Being mindful is being empty. And to be empty is to be full of light. Let emptiness fill your soul with such hope, such freedom and such immense potential and possibility. This is the wisdom of healing. This is the meaning of life. When we remember we are all born of stars. When we remember that we know so little. And that love is the only experience that matters. When we remember, quite simply, that we are the ones we have been searching for. With love and peace, Lilavati

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