The universe conspires to manifest your desires.

Discomfort. It’s not a word that you would necessarily associate with the light-providing gifts of Yoga, and not a word we would normally choose to focus on. As mentioned in previous posts, thoughts are things and we should strive to focus on that which we want to bring into our lives. So rather than focus on what we don’t want ‘I don’t want to be working a 50 hour week’, focus on what we actually want ‘I want a balanced work-life and I want to see my family more’ and set an intention to attract it into becoming; ‘I have a balanced work-life balance and am present during my precious family time’. Everything is energy and your thoughts are things; they are powerful nuggets of energy, which when released and focussed on, become real experiences. The universe, believe it or not (though we would ask you to believe it to create it) is determined to manifest your desires into reality.

Doubt us? How else do you suppose a little seed uncurls and pushes through layers of heavy mud to rise to the Sun and burst into flower? By its desire to succeed and to grow, unravel and recreate. These simple truths, such as ‘Believe it and you will accomplish it’ are as difficult to believe as if we gave you a tiny seed and promised you that one day that would become a huge oak tree. Try telling that to a small child and it becomes unbelievable. Tell it to an adult and somehow, we accept it without realising the beauty and magic behind it. More often the simplest truths are the most difficult to understand.

So, discomfort.

Both on and off the mat, discomfort is a key to many simple truths.

Becoming uncomfortable and feeling out of our depths is the greatest opportunity for transformation. Think of a time you have felt discomfort; we’ll give you a few examples; running until you think you can’t breathe anymore, being in a Yoga posture and your muscles are shaking and the sweat is dripping until you feel you will either collapse out of the pose or you should come out of it (note; not pain, just to a level of discomfort!), telling your partner you love them for the first time, telling someone not to speak to you in an unacceptable manner, saying ‘no’ when the socially acceptable answer is ‘yes’.

Now dig a little deeper and you’ll see that these moments of feeling uncomfortable to live from your truth, are opportunities for you to learn and grow. Because, consciously or subconsciously you are reacting out of an experience from your past You are not living in the present moment.

And one of the greatest practices of Yoga is to be Here Now.

Look deeper into the running situation and you’ll notice that your body can actually still continue, but that it’s your mind telling you it’s impossible. This is likely on the negative self-sabotage of you believing that you are not good enough, or fit enough. You lack faith. Actually, if you attempt to carry on, you’ll need to change your perception. Just take a few deep breaths, fall into the rhythm rather than forcing yourself too hard and quieten that voice within. Maybe you are telling yourself you’re no good at this kind of thing, that running is beyond you. But on further inspection, you can see you’re your mind is playing tricks on you.

The same goes for the Yoga posture. Your mind, that inner voice within, the quiet one, is telling you you’re no good, you’ll never get that deep, you’re going to fall over and make a fool of yourself. But on closer inspection, you may begin to see that you were teased as a child and always told that you were fat or unfit. You may feel physically conscious if your vest is riding up and if you focus on these thoughts then you really will undo the posture. But a gentle, mindful practice and a letting go of the ego, will allow you to breathe deeper, soften your stance, maybe back off a little and continue to stay in the posture. You can divert the attention away from the mind and more onto how the body feels.

It’s your mind that was playing tricks. Speaking your truth amounts to the same thing; if you listen to the self-sabotage within, the ego, you’ll no doubt hold back from saying what you want to. Instead you’ll feel constrained by the past or by what you predict the future to hold. But if you can learn to override that, to feel rather than think then you’ll see that it’s just the mind that you need to overcome.

The discomfort is a gift to living in the present. It is a gift to undoing and releasing the past. And it is a gift for you to start over with your approach to how you live your life.

Think of all the accomplishments you feel most proud of; being a parent, giving a speech, achieving a qualification, starting a new job, finding your soul mate. Didn’t these require you overcoming your discomfort? Didn’t these require a new, fresh approach? Didn’t you have to embrace the present fully, without any worries for the past or the future? And yet you did it. You achieved these goals. Now all you need to do is take these practices into your everyday life, to make your while life feel joyously full of achievements.

We are certain you’ll think of many examples.

They occur every day.

They can be simple or sometimes they can be tricky.

But each offers the chance to expose the darkness, remove it and fill that space with love.

Each offers the chance to offload some junk from the backpack of your life and make some space to fill with treasures.

We all know that a simple expression such as ‘no’ can be a result of something a lot deeper. Sometimes we store very painful experiences, believing that by burying them deep, they can’t rear their ugly head ever again. But, on closer inspection and on diving deeper into the experience of being, and the way in which we lead our lives, maybe, if we’re being wholly honest with ourselves, we are letting that ‘stuff’ buried deep within, still sabotage our ability to live a life fulfilled.

Relationships on all levels, especially the ones we have with ourselves, have sneaky impacts on us.

Discomfort is a doorway to the divine. If only you can recognise when the discomfort arises, be willing to look deeper into it and learn the lesson by undoing the fear-based actions and choosing a loving alternative instead.

Recognising discomfort:

  • Each day look out for a feeling of helplessness, uncomfortableness, a feeling of ‘not being able to do something or for moments you just want to run from.

  • Pause and breathe.

  • Capture the moment in your mind and focus your attention on it; how does it feel? Where is the root?

  • Breathe.

  • Now see if you can understand where the feeling has arisen from. Is a past experience affecting your perception? Did a literal or mental fall leave its scars? What and why are you feeling this way?

  • Now honour your truth. Be kind and gentle. Untalk the negative. Unravel the knots.

  • Realise that by digging up the negative experience, you can let it go and release it. You can envision the planting of new seeds instead. Seeds of your choice. Change hate for love, fear for acceptance, undo the hurt and release the negativity.

  • Thoughts are things.

  • Now choose to act in a conscious way. Carry on running, speak the words of truth, breathe into the posture, create the life you would intend for someone you love. Think selflessly if that helps.

Act with loving kindness and let that stuff go.

Discomfort is a state of mind. You have the power to change it.

Once again, discomfort and pain are very different. So, learn to recognise them and if it’s discomfort you are experiencing, then please lean into it, learn from it and see if you can undo the patterns your mind has unconsciously being planting.

With light and love x