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Namaskar, we write to you from the ocean. having attained a life (or more) times dream. we now live with an ocean view no more than 500 metres from our windows. we are living our dreams. and it feels vast, magical and deeply divine. we want to share a secret; any thing is possible. the key is surrender. we've conversed about conditioning many times on & off the mat. too much conditioning. re-wiring. separating us from them, from us, from nature. we are taught to shrink. to become small versions of ourselves. shrink to fit. fit into a tiny box, blend into a shade of normal, become defined by what we do, our career, our material gains. our goals are shaped subconsciously; adverts depict what perfect 'should' look like. even yoga is being defined as shapes. no longer a life practice of digging deeper, shifting the mind from 'seeking' to 'stillness'. it's all about how it looks. Instagram & facebook depict a modern-day, ego-drenched practice. is your life quenching your thirst? are your life actions strung together filling you with light for beyond a few fleeting moments? if not, it's not that you are on the wrong path. it's just that you've lost faith in you. you have forgotten. true light is not found by material gain; house, money, tv, job. moments of light, fire & fulfilment occur in the moments of presence. not forward, not behind. here, now. moments of light, fire & fulfilment are found in your connections. connections to you, to your loved ones, to our home; this beautiful planet. re-connect. be it by birdsong, dance, walking barefoot, drawing, reading, watching waves, watching your child, your pet. be it by yogasana, meditation, walking, running. reconnect. connections are the moments you crave. empowering beyond measure and will span beyond lifetimes. material is nothing. connection is what you seek. start with the breath. this thread leads to limitlessness. breathe. listen. who am I? what am I? where am i? forget what you have been taught. wisdom lies within. the ocean of your breath will lead you to the depths. conventional life has shifted us from nature; technology is separating us, destroying the magic of the unknown. it's all an illusion. no money required, no retreat or practice to 'find yourself'. the only way to arrive and bathe in the magic of gratitude is to 'be here now'. live simply. be grateful. crave simplicity and let all else fall aside. soften. bow. forgive. remember. moments of connection. require moments of surrender. no thing is unattainable. material is immaterial. love & light to you all x

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© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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