Presence is a Present

Presence is the gift


I actually can't believe it's nearly the end of 2015; this year has just flown by so fast. But this year has been my favourite so far and I'm lucky to have created timeless moments that have paused beyond a couple of breaths.

I remember this time last year our intention was one of gratitude and I really feel that's appropriate for December of each year. I like to do a lot of soul seeking, especially at this time of year and really assess all that I'm grateful for. Journalling is a joy. When you're not used to it, journalling can seem pointless, maybe a little awkward. But it's invaluable. So I'd like to offer you a suggestion. Buy a beautiful journal and write all you're grateful for:

On a daily basis

On a weekly basis

On a monthly basis

In your life

This may include people, places, possessions, pets, moments, memories, anything and everything that you're sincerely thankful for having as part of your life experience.

Once written and completed as bountifully as possible, place your pen down. Find a comfortable seat on the earth, cross legged or otherwise, placing your journal in front of you lying open at your list of gratitude.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths deep into the belly, right to the collar bones. Release and relax fully. Let worries and tension melt to the earth and trickle away like water to sand.

Now bring to mind the words written and take them into your heart. Thank each individually, trying to recall as many as you can. Don't get caught up in the order or if you forget many. Just keep it simple and keep breathing. Hold onto each one with genuine gratitude as much as you can. Then let each go. Take your time, no rush.

As you finish, no matter when, dedicate each moment from now on as an offering to each of those people or places you are grateful for.

Make an intention of effortless effort; that from this moment on, when fear or your inner critic stands in your path, or life becomes difficult or painful, you will remember all that you are grateful for and honour one or a few of these by dedicating your energy to moving onwards and upwards, beyond your perceived limitations.

Notice I said perceived.

All of you who have been in class will know that we purposefully refer back to the wonder of the breath, the body and life itself. For it is a wonder. Life is a wonder. It's very creation is a miracle. It's survival is a miracle.

There are no limitations. In a world where a body such as yours or mine exists; a mere 30 trillion cells each, working together as a team to 'form' you and I, then I'm definitely of the thought that anything and everything you dream up is possible. You just need to believe.

That's the true gift; the presence. Your existence. This moment. Now.

And I believe you find inner peace when this is realised.

We have all loved, all lost, all hurt and being hurt. But this month, choose love over fear.

Be grateful for the best gift ever. Your life. And all the opportunity that lies within.

Wishing you a happy, light filled, love filled 25th December. Hoping you'll be surrounded by many things you are grateful for. Hoping you'll journal lots.

And most importantly, sending you so much gratitude. For listening, for reading and for being a part of our community; our kula. We are grateful beyond the stars to you. For without you, we would not have the opportunity to share our humble thoughts. We on the path together.

Unity can bring peace so keep practicing gratitude and presence.

Much love,

Maia and Keira

x p.s. if you would be interested in joining a 6-week pre-paid yoga course 'diving in' which will teach the fundamental basics for the main postures and weave it together to make a short flow to practice at home, please let us know by reply. Weds nights from Jan 20th. Not confirmed yet; just ideas in motion at present ;)