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Mastering Your Mean Girl Book review; Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa AmbrosiniI have followed Melissa Ambrosini for ages on her Instagram account and I adore her positivity and infectious soul shares and honest introspection. She is truly a lovely inspiration for how women (and men) can increase their self-worth and transform their lives from being rooted in fear to overflowing and bursting with love.

She healed herself holistically and has been influenced by many great healers, world renowned authors and she has studied nutrition and practiced as a health coach in her home country, Australia.Unfortunately, some years ago she got very sick from living a life that was not truly in line with her deepest desires and as a result of being hospitalised with serious conditions, she took the time and effort to research, learn and put into practice a journey of transformation.

Aside from being absolutely stunning both inside and out, she has a sweet way of inspiring us into action and into being fearless. I ordered her first book back in November and couldn’t wait to receive it in March. The release date got pushed forward so I bought the audiobook in mid-April instead. I really like this simple guide full of personal shares and stories to uplift and inspire. She has a super sweet way of relating to us as a reader, no matter our background or desire forward. Her belief in us as the reader is inspiring and makes you want to put her life-changing tips into practice.

She overhauls your whole life looking at health, wealth and happiness including looking at career, nourishment, friendships, love and acts of kindness every single day in simple ways. If you are seeking a deep, spiritual guide or in-depth tips and step-by-step guides to goal mapping, diet or health tips, this probably is not the book for you. But, the book does shed light on all of these aspects though it’s more a simple guide with some revolutionary insights on every aspect of your life from health, wealth, relationships, careers and daily rituals. This really is a book suitable to all; no matter your belief, religion or background.

Throughout each chapter, Melissa shares her own personal journey, some insights she has gained throughout her healing aswell as tips and stories from friends and clients of hers. She then guides you to looking within with lots of questions and journal spaces to write and journal. Her tips and inspo-actions are easily adoptable into every area of your life and I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to inspire more kindness and presence into each and every moment. She does not tell you the way or method as she purposefully believes that you’re learning to look within will guide you to your best path. And I really appreciate and like that, however (you can likely tell by my pieces!) I like to know the real tips and tricks; if you’re not using chemicals at home, I need to know what you are using and how to make it! If you choose not to eat soy, I like to know your reasons why! If you are practicing affirmations, I want to know how often, where and why! But…if you are less inquisitive than I am and want a book that reads like a collection of magazine articles full of short, smart tips, then you’ll be overly happy with choosing to purchase a copy of this beautiful book.

I haven’t seen the actual book but the audio book is brilliant and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is starting out on a healing, self-help, self-improvement journey. If, like me, you have read many self-help, empowerment books then you will certainly benefit from the recaps that Melissa brings to light, but it’s not in-depth and it’s not revolutionary. But please do not let this put you off; a reminder of things like goal setting, letting go, loving, health and daily rituals is worth its weight in gold. A lot of the content can be found in other books, but Melissa’s way of interpreting them and translating them into her own life is so valuable and she has definitely influenced me to re-think some of my habits. If you want an invaluable, insightful, deeply touching book from someone who has made a huge turnaround and wants to share the love and light, then please, please go buy a copy of this book.

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