Meditate; Happiness Prescription

Dive within meditation

Let the breath wash you clean

Meditation is accessible to all. It's just sitting and being still, turning your attention inwards. Listening to the sounds of the soul. Watching thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. Feeling the heartbeat like waves in the ocean.

My advice to finding your Way to bliss (Ananda)? Take time out. Forget the human obsession with ‘stuff’ and doing. Just be. Let go. Let god. My short holiday has shown me the way. It is a way that takes courage and hard work. Like Yoga, discipline and dedication is required ad a blind faith in even the most adverse situations. We need little more than nature, an open sky, some shelter, clothes and sunfoods. Anything else cannot be taken with us when we depart this life for the next. So have faith that the divine cosmic forces will provide all you need. Get outside and just “be”. I arrived home from India and found a little journal full of powerful notes and workings from my work in 2012; many of which I had forgotten both consciously and unconsciously. I reflected and saw how blissfully happy and relieved I had been to be in my favourite part of the world. How the tension unwound to reveal beauty and depths I had not felt worthy of before. When you stop all that craziness and just sit and be, you actually receive the greatest messages and signs.

If you have courage, dedication and true faith, then you can achieve anything. It’s never too late. Anything and everything is absolutely possible.The only trick is in realising and recognising what it is that you truly desire. Don’t go with the adopted or enforced idea of a dream; dive deep and find your own authentic piece of bliss. Then focus on that. Because you absolutely deserve this. You really do.

Guided meditation:

Set a timer for 5 minutes

Sit still

Quieten the mind

Bring attention to the breath; let thoughts occur….don’t get caught up in them

Breathe in through the nose

Fill up with breath; expand

Breathe out through the nose

Empty and retract; let go of tension in all ways

Repeat until timer alarms

Rub palms together to create heat

Place palms over eyes and forehead

Silently repeat an intention to be present “I am present here and now” 3 times

Slowly open the eyes

Allow yourself to feel present in each moment that follows

Excellent meditations can be found online at You Tube, Soundcloud, online and in many good books

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