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Morning Rituals

Start your day the right way

One thing that we never compromise on (and I mean never) is our morning ritual. Even when we are away from home on holiday or for work, we always ensure we practice our morning flow. This is part of our happiness prescription. As per Tony Robbins’ advice our ‘hour of power’ or ‘fifteen to fulfilment’ is non-negotiable if you want your day to flow with ease and abundance.

It’s super easy to implement and it’s especially important because:

- It sets you up for the day; to start with awareness so you can fully show up for the rest of your day

and achieve with full presence

- Morning rituals are best because your mind/ego is sleepy and so not able to interfere as easily

- It kickstarts your metabolism, burning calories and setting your day up in the best way possible

- Clears the day before, sweeping away the dust and debris

- Sets momentum for the day; healthful rituals lead to healthful choices in food, attitudes and actions

- Creates stillness, calm and clarity

- Is an active meditation ticking off two of our daily Happiness Prescription goals!

- It’s self-love time for you and you alone. Without distraction, judgment or input from others

- Still meditation is effortless like chocolate melting on your tongue, once a ritual has been practiced

- You will feel free; which is priceless in our modern world

Your ritual will be different to ours. Be sure to cut yourself some slack; 15 minutes is better than nothing. And we have to mention that squeezing in an hour under pressure, clockwatching and becoming pressured by the stresses of timekeeping is contradictory, ok?! So, do what you can with full deservabiltiy, true presence and participation.

This is what we do:

- Wake at 5am

- Drink warm lemon water

- Play time! Walk and play with pooch 45 minutes

- Practice yogasana 35-60 minutes

- ‘Shake it Off’ active meditation 10 minutes

- Affirmations x 10

- Savasana 5-10 minutes

- Nutritious, delicious oatmeal brekkie

Believe me, my mornings did not look like this ten years ago. I would lay in bed until 40 minutes before work, pour cereal into a bowl, crawl back into bed, chow down the cereal, have a wash, get dressed, climb into my car and drive to work. Days off were spent in bed for about 3 hours doing absolutely nothing. I was constantly lethargic, heavy and non-productive. I was half asleep throughout the day and would fill my free spaces with TV and more lethargy, likely eating as many processed foods as possible. I never checked in with how I felt. In fact, I only realise how heavy and crappy I felt when I look back in reflection. My body was overweight, exhausted and my energy levels were flatter than a pancake. My sis, Keira had a morning ritual and she would spring about like a baby deer, glowing and optimistic. Her day would pan out completely different to mine so I kind of followed her lead one day and the rest is history.

Your rituals can include anything (be sure to check out our Happiness Prescription tips)! Here’s some ideas but remember you want at least:

Half the time spent outdoors being ACTIVE

At least a quarter of silent meditation

At least 10 spoken or silent affirmations

A savasana for at least 5 mins

All followed by handmade, homemade nourishment prepared using fresh, non-processed foods

Can include:


Tai Chi


Running or sprinting

Playing with pets and/or children

Pillowfight (sole or with partner)



Working out

BarreCore work





Singing or chanting


Body brushing



Earthing; walking barefoot on earth

Listening to inspiring audiobooks



Include cleansing drinks and nourishing foods to follow. Your ritual needs to be inspiring to you and realistic; 5 minutes of journaling or 15 minutes of drawing could be added to 30 minutes of running or swimming in the local lake or pool. Remember, outside is key for the active part. You can do the whole ritual outdoors or maybe do your power walk or run and then do your active meditations, writing or reading at home followed by affirmations, silence and rest.

It’s like creating a recipe play, create and keep testing and tasting to see what results are the most delicious to you.

If you have other thoughts or ideas, please email and we’ll add it to the list with a credit ;)Get creative, get inspired and get present…..most importantly? Smile!

Oh, and by the way, you MUST include this ritual every day EVEN if it means getting up earlier! This is not as hard as you may believe….these rituals become addictive and change your life in dangerously delicious ways. Yum!

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