Happiness Prescription

You deserve everyday happiness

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Namaskar all, May already…..though the temperature indicates otherwise! Keira is back from her four months travels in India bursting at the seams with gratitude and creativity from her beautiful, amazing retreat. The 40 degree heat melted away barriers and much was learned and experienced. We have so much inspiration to share with you. We are overflowing with inspiration. We are getting creative with how best to share it and we will update you when we have news. Our current schedule does not include any regular classes. We are hoping to find a new outlet to share space and practice with you so please stay tuned for workshop info and exciting updates. This month’s reflection is all about our Happiness Prescription; rituals and attitudes to adopt every day that will make you feel blissful, happy and abundant. We know life can be tired and tiring. We recognise from our own journey that time is short and life is fast. So we are intent on sharing the methods to happiness that we have learned from many, many respected gurus and ancient, world tested practices. These simple rituals are easy to adopt into your everyday life and you will benefit greatly from them. You can SHOW UP fully and be present. These tips should be like a translation of living Yoga beyond the corners of your mat. As always, really listen to and feel what resonates with you in your heart and adopt and adapt ones you desire. You may leave others aside and possibly revisit them later seeing if you can try or learn to love them. The most important aspect of the happiness prescription is about recognising your self-worth and your deservability. You can create a joyful life no matter where you are, who you are with or what is going on. You really, truly deserve to be happy. Anxiety, grief, depression and stress can be barriers to our happiness; but notice they are barriers….that can be climbed over, opened a little or pushed aside. You must believe that you deserve happiness and to achieve your desires, in order to live a life fulfilled. The minute you recognise that everything and anything is possible and you start practicing genuine gratitude for everyday gifts of presence, then remarkable transformation occurs. We have had the honour of practicing with many of you and seen huge transitions in the way you move, breathe and practice yoga and life. It’s all possible. Our Happiness Prescription is about having intentions and awareness so we act with thought; every action, word and gesture rippling with reason and fulfilment. We fully know there are many distractions so we have included simple tricks like 5 minute meditations, recommended books (audiobooks for those like us who have very little play time), simple practices that you can embrace into your everyday life. Regardless of the distractions of children, pets, loved ones, work demands, material gains, worries and needs and all that comes with the system we know to be ‘life’, the happiness prescription (we believe) is a must. Every day should include:

  • Fun

  • Meditation

  • Movement

  • Release

  • Relax

  • Presence

  • Nourishment

If you do nothing else, please write down this little checklist and tick it off each day. Propose your version of fun, meditation etc. so you can practice a fruitful day every day. Examples can include to break a rule a day (fun!) and to run for 10 minutes (movement). We are at our sincere happiest when we are living Yoga off the mat; by which we don’t mean we are perfect, silent guru-wannabes sitting on our mats meditating in a cave! We have full-on lives with full-on demands and of course we feel the strain sometimes; often deeper due to the true awareness and knowledge that life is a creation resulting from intentions. We have to work incredibly hard at keeping in an abundant zone; it requires dedication to our practice and we are quite lucky as we can often influence and inspire eachother. But the results speak for themselves. Change is possible. Happiness is possible. This month is about bringing more joy into your life, shifting everything up a notch, taking back control and shifting your perception. So you can show up and hold space, creating a life of your desire. One to be proud of. One to inspire others through. Articles will be posted at our online space; www.lilavti.co.uk weekly and if you have anything you would like to add, see or share, please email us through maia@lilavati.co.uk We are working on adding comments sections to the space but in the meantime please feel free to connect with us. If you have time, maybe check in to our site monthly or weekly. We offer so much gratitude to you for staying by us and sticking with us on this long, long journey. Truly; each and every one of you is a joy and our thanks extend way, way beyond the lines of our skin, the corners of our mat, the ceiling of stars and the ever-expanding edges of the universe ;) Sending you light, love, joy and absolute happiness. Maia and Keira Lilavati; Play Gracefully

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