Happiness Prescription


How to prescribe daily rituals for true inner joy

Whilst away in Norfolk in 2012 I felt hugely inspired by a book I was gifted called The Camino by Shirley Maclaine. Dame Shirley journals about her spiritual pilgrimage along the Santiago Di Compostela in Spain which ultimately transpires to be a journey to within. She exposes deep truths along the way and in giving herself permission and the time necessary to truly retreat and rediscover her own core values along the arduous journey, she comes to discover inner and outer guides and experiences many spiritual visions of innate wisdom. She reconnects with her true source; her soul.

When you are reconnected with your true source, the energy that flows is empowering and overflowing. It fills you up and emanates beyond the lines of your skin. But how can you dive deep within and experience the true, eternal source when your eyes are constantly diverted to the materialism we are lulled to become addicted to?

I loved the book and her insights into our current state as a Western society, one where we have being well and truly duped into becoming addicted to materialism and a manufactured, one-size-fits-all idea of perfectionism and success. We now strive so hard to achieve material goods to satisfy the ego, that the soul has faded into the background. Shirley alludes that this desire for more has ultimately led to us feeling more empty, more lost. We have lost the way (literally ‘Camino’) to within, to happiness, to completeness.

As I sat for long hours on beautiful, wide stretches of light drenched beach, staring to where sky meets sea, I was able to contemplate how I too had lost my way. Like a pebble on the shore, I have become swept up by the waves of the ocean, carried on waves of torment and pulled into depths of blindness. This ocean of materialism is so deep that sometimes we forget where the shore lies and where our journey began. I had sold my time to a full-on, full-time job that no longer fulfilled me. But I was addicted to the disease of more because I was grasping to my material comforts; my house, my car, cosmetics, clothes. The hits these items bring are short-lived and shallow. What I now seek is a deeper kind of satisfaction. I think the majority of the Western world is suffering an addiction to more; material goods are constantly upgraded and modified, so that the addiction and the desire for ‘better’ is constantly shifting, is ever-present. We sell our time to buy more ‘stuff’, more ‘goods’, to keep ‘current’. But in selling our precious time, we are selling our Way; we are forgetting our core truths.

We are living a kind of simple, quick-fix happiness. Not a true, deep fulfilment. Every day that passed, I lost a little of myself. I’m sure you too may have experienced this. I was losing pieces of my essence as each day passed. Moving toward emptiness. I was on a journey of departure. All the time feeling emptier and needier. I searched for a happiness outside of me when really happiness is completely an inside job.

As I was away, I felt completely complete. Beauty surrounded us at every turn. Nature inspired me. As I would watch the sea rise and sea fall, I was reminded of the rhythm of life. We have to fall in order to pick ourselves up. There is no greater gift we will be given than to have this life. To breathe, to see, to smell, to taste; these are the miracles that should fulfil us.How can we ever hope to be happy if we spend our time moving away from our centre?

To understand your authentic path, you must first find your authentic self.

This month, we will look at our Happiness Prescription and all our little tips and tricks for getting onto your path,

your Way.

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