You are worthy.... But you have to truly believe

I wonder if you really feel like you deserve to achieve and gain all you desire?

Do you truly believe you deserve the happiness you seek?

It may seem an odd question but I know that until I told myself that I was worthy and really started to feel that I deserved the life I aspired to live, I never really fulfilled any of my wishes.

A few days ago, I found an old journal of mine written back in 2012 whilst on holiday in one of my favourite places on earth; Holkham in Norfolk. The journal was full to the brim with notes from a book I had been working through at the time; Louise L Hay’s "You Can Heal Your Life". There was a lot of heartache and suffering I’d had to plough through at the time to get some of the sessions and workshopping ideas flowing whilst reading this book and I highly recommend it if you are not feeling like your life is bountiful and/or you have a lot of hurt to heal. It's a deep, worthwhile process and the author really holds your hand through the whole process.

In the back I had written out this affirmation, which I am guessing is from the book (it is; I checked just now!):

DESERVABILITY TREATMENT by Louise L Hay I am deserving. I deserve all good. Not some, not a little bit, but all good. I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts. I release and let go of the limitations of my parents. I love them, and I go beyond them. I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs. I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in. I no longer identify with limitation of any kind. In my mind, I have total freedom. I now move into a new space of consciousness, where I am willing to see myself differently. I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and about my life. My new thinking becomes new experiences. I now know and affirm that I am at one with the Prospering Power of the Universe. As such, I now prosper in a number of ways. The totality of possibilities lies before me. I deserve life, a good life. I deserve love, an abundance of love. I deserve good health. I deserve to live comfortably and to prosper. I deserve joy and happiness. I deserve freedom to be all that I can be. I deserve more than that. I deserve all good. The Universe is more than willing to manifest my new beliefs. And I accept this abundant life with joy, pleasure, and gratitude. For I am deserving. I accept it; I know it to be true.

And then I had written a few affirmations including:

“I am willing to change”

“I see myself through loving eyes. I am safe”

“My health is radiant, vibrant and abundant now”

My then-journal is full of intentions and affirmations; many of which I have actually achieved in the past four years. Though I hadn’t really acknowledged or celebrated the baby steps in any way (another blog to come!) or even really realised my progress until I reflected.

But, these intentions were never achieved prior, yet they had been lying in my soul and pinned up on my fridge for years. There were the obvious ones; health, wealth, love and all that. I had one regarding losing weight, one about savings, one about a new job, a new home etc. But they only really were truly achieved when I started to tell myself I was worthy and I acted like I had already achieved the intention. Notice the affirmations above; it's not 'I will be healthy', 'I will be a size 8'; it's 'My health is xxx now'. Lots of the affirmations were about loving myself, forgiving myself and really feeling deserving.

So, I encourage you to maybe look at how you are feeling about yourself. There will be more pieces to follow about our 'Happiness prescription', 'Writing affirmations' and 'Hours of Power' but for the meantime, try seeing how your life shifts if you begin to feel more deserving of what you wish to achieve.

Our morning ritual now involves a deservability practice involving a daily mantra or affirmation, wholly inspired by the legendary Tony Robbins; someone I listen to at least weekly. I’ll chant something beginning with, “Every day, in every way….” It could be “I’m feeling stronger and stronger”, “I’m living in abundance”, “I’m choosing love over fear”; you get the idea. Then I will state over and over 'I am worthy' or 'I am deserving'. My sister and I are besties so it's easy for us to do this together but if you aren't so lucky to partner up with someone, then you can chant aloud on your own, sing it, say it as you listen to music...whatever works for you! But it's really important to do two things:

1. Make the affirmation in the present; not in the future. Say it like you have it now. 'I'm feeling/living/seeing/gaining/giving' etc.

2. Make sure you follow it up or begin it with a deservability clause. Something that says you deserve this as you are, right now. Something that speaks of your greatness and the gift of the present moment.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that mantra or affirmation without really feeling deserving is like telling a stranger you love them on your first encounter. It’s baseless; there’s no energy to back it up, to give it meaning. Words are meaningless and corrupted when they are said with no truth.

You can continue to religiously state, sing or shout your affirmations, but without really owning them, choosing them, believing you are worthy, they don’t have the necessary power to be seen through. It’s our belief that had we not included a lot of uncomfortable yet transformative mirror work, affirmations and daily positivity, we would never have accomplished our intentions. We would not have shifted, transformed. You've got to believe. Believe it with all your heart and soul.

So, if it’s helpful to you, write out the above Louise L Hay Deservability affirmation either into your journal, onto a wall mural, or on your vision board. Place it somewhere you can see it every day and be sure to read the words aloud and take 2-3 minutes to really feel you deserve whatever it is you are trying to achieve or accomplish. Know that you deserve to prosper and that it’s your divine right to be your own unique, beautiful self.

No matter how that looks or feels. You deserve to be whatever you choose to be.

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