Unfolding; October


Yoga is unfolding; Revealing

As we twist, turn and elongate the physical body we release the ‘junk’ and ‘stuff’ we collect over the days, weeks, months and years. The body literally lets it go and releases it. As the awareness becomes centred, we can become more present and notice these sensations and energetic traces as they arise. We become witness to that which unfolds without it having an effect on us. Too often the mind becomes involved and we attempt to ‘label’ everything; emotions, scenarios and life. We pre-empt and attempt to control that which is uncontrollable. Life flows like a river; like the breath. Yoga is the winding path with depths and shallows that allows us to see the reflections and the root of our emotions clearly. We become conscious. Only with such consciousness and focus, can we truly begin to live a life true to our intentions. That is the gift of Yoga and one I hope we can share with you. Our new Fall season begins next Wednesday 14th October; yes, the sessions are now on a new day! Class will be on each Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm and costs £7.50. If you buy a block of 6 in advance the cost is £30 equivalent to £5.00 each session. Hope to see you soon and see what unfolds. Namaste Things we recommend… Ways to get motivated as the evenings draw in…

  • Walk outside for at least 30 minutes per day; sunlight uplifts the soul and has very real benefits for the body

  • Eat a banana a day; these contain tryptophan which stimulates hormonal serotonin; our natural antidepressant!

  • Get up an hour earlier each day so you can enjoy the sun rising

  • Eat lighter foods; start the day with a smoothie or juice; yum!