Ashtanga; Yoga; To Yoke

Yoga means ‘to yoke’ and literally becomes the threads to weave back together the broken soul of someone who has suffered this extreme lack of faith in themselves and in life itself. A good summary of yoga would be to ‘be compassionate’ meaning to have passion for all including ourselves.

Each of the eight paths will help to cure part of the suffering and I have seen firsthand how it can cure an illness with deep rooted issues in all three realms; body, mind and spirit.

Yoga provides a key to unlocking the mystery in everything. It feeds our soul with divine happiness and sukkha. Life is precious and tomorrow is never guaranteed. We should live every moment as if it is the last finding courage from the yogis who were before us. By actively living yoga and embracing the philosophy in all actions the darkness will dissipate and clarity and vision will unfold to light us on our unique, precious journeys.

Lokaha samastha sukhino bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.