Santosha; August

Contentment; Santosha

This newsletter is a little late but I believe everything happens for a reason.

Contentment means ‘a state of happiness and satisfaction’

Last weekend I got to enjoy some time immersed in the UK’s first yoga festival and I met some truly inspirational, humble people. Don’t get me wrong; there was an awful lot of ego aswell. The whole world seems driven by ego; cosmetic surgery, buying things we can’t afford like expensive cars and huge houses, buying foods without caring where they are sourced from or how they affect global communities or animals and an obsession with our looks. But the festival and these modern times serve a purpose in reminding us why we love the Yoga practice so much.

I started Yoga many years ago thanks to an overly enthusiastic sister who eventually encouraged me (after much rejection) to read a book called Skinny Bitch. That book changed my life forever. Not only did it give me the strength to become vegan from vegetarian; something I had wanted to do since I was eleven years of age. But it also encouraged me to try Yoga out; veganism came first but Yoga followed shortly and they fit like a hand in glove. They say that to eat clean, pure whole foods and exercise moderately shifts your energy to a higher frequency i.e. makes you feel content. And believe me when I say, I felt those shifts like huge waves on an ocean. I have never been happier since I made those changes. Yoga has rippled out from beyond the four corners of my mat and affected my life in ways I could not imagine; my work ethics, my diet, my outlook, down time, relationships and money have all shifted for the better. I can now say that I am truly content when I practice Yoga on and off my mat and feed my body in a positive way.

I look at my options and consciously choose how I want to carve my life out. Yes; there is an awful lot of work to still be done but I am on the right path. I feel that in my heart and soul.

I have found that to live simply with less dependency on material things has led me to more contentment. On a beautiful, sunny day, I like nothing more than to kick back in a sun drenched field with a book, my family and just soak up the beauty of nature. Simplicity means stripping back all the things you think you are ‘meant’ to have. It’s realising that you have your own path to follow which shouldn’t be to follow everyone else. Contentment can never be found by anything external. Real, lasting contentment is a place within. Follow your bliss and the world will seem a happier place to you, filling you with light.

Right now there is a shift occurring. I notice more whole foods being served up in cafes, juice bars popping up in town, people attending new festivals and reading about how to heal their health by alternative means. If you practice Yoga, you are part of that shift. There is a famous Yogic saying that roughly translates to ‘don’t shout out about the shifts and changes you experience; just let them show through your very being. Then people will come to you and ask how they can also get a little piece of that glow’.

But through that process let’s remember; it is not about the poses we can perform, or how many people ‘like’ us on social media, it’s not about ‘us’ as people or the Ego. The connection of Yoga links the mind, body and soul. It helps us to see that we are all on the same path. It therefore should be about sharing because we care. We encourage positivity and change in one another so that there is a collective, connective shift locally and maybe one day, globally.

So, this month we will be continuing to shed light on the healing aspects of Yoga aswell as tips and tricks to finding more contentment in everyday life.