Ashtanga; Samadhi 8th Petal

Samadhi; union, completeness, returning to one-ness.

Knitting it all together. Diving in. Reflecting.

Here is a simple sadhana practice specifically for someone suffering anorexia nervosa but equally available to anyone suffering disconnect of body and mind. We have attempted to incorporate all of the limbs of yoga as above.

We chose a lunar cycle of 28 days relating to Ida nadi; source of intuition and emotion teaching us to feel and trust our instincts. All the asanas involve some connection with the ground providing support to encourage energy down to the lower chakras for overall balance. Gentle backbends open anahata chakra opening the gateway for love of the self.

Recommended Practice: Sadhana

‘You are reminded at this time to care for your physical body as the sacred temple of your Spirit.

Nourish it with healthy food, love and serenity.

Take time out to rest and to infuse your body with healing vibrations.’

Gourmet Raw ‘oracle’

For 28 consecutive days in honour of the moon cycle you will:

  • Practice pranayama and dhyana

  • Incorporate at least one shatkarma (cleansing practice)

  • Practice the Chandra Namaskar in following post

  • Read an inspiring text about nutrition or self transformation (minimum 15 minutes)

  • Then journal the following

  1. An affirmation for the following day

  2. What you can adopt from the texts

  3. What you ate and how it made you feel

  4. How you felt and the effects of your asana practice

The practice is gentle and available to those who are weak. Let the breath be a guide and modify as necessary.

Nourish after asana and try to eat 3 small meals a day such as oats for breakfast, raw crackers for lunch and quinoa vegetable salad for dinner. All these foods are calm, pure, light and nourishing. Drink purified water and herbal teas. Offer thanks for your food and your body.

At the end of the 28 days you will recognise where the healing process has begun and you can best decide how to further your progress. Embrace antaratma ‘knowing divinity within’; your greatest teacher is you.

Always listen to your instinct.