Asthanga; Pratyahara 5th Petal

Withdrawal of the senses takes awareness away from external distractions such as sounds and sights. Pratyahara allows us to lose the chitta vritti (fluctuating waves of the mind) and asmita teaching us to just ‘be’ without judgement and fear.

We are given a moment of self reflection and can honestly assess how we can start the healing process.

We learn how to listen to the messages from the body without prejudice or interference.

Imagine an ocean; the mind ceaslessly moving back and forth. Endless momentum. Now dive beyond the surface; dive deep to the calm, still ocean. The waves still exist but your attention is within the stillness.

When the breath and the mind align, then the senses are withdrawn and you can dive deep within to the source; your truest power.

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© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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