Ashtanga; Deep Healing

Other benefits of asana include the rebuilding of weakened muscle tissue and organs. By gaining flexibility we loosen our muscles allowing more space for nutrients, oxygen and prana to be stored.

Stretching our muscles creates a pulling motion on the tissues connected to the bones causing them to grow allowing increased amounts of calcium to be absorbed into the bones.

Any weight bearing practices (balances) also increase bone density having the same effect. This helps to repair brittle, porous bones averting osteoporosis (common in anorexics).

Standing asanas help to correct posture thereby strengthening the main joints of our bodies.

Inversions reverse the pull of gravity allowing blood to flow from our feet to our heads helping repair hair loss and rejuvenate the upper body. They assist bowel movements improving digestion, helpful when re-introducing food after starvation.

Dynamic asanas get our heartbeat racing faster increasing stress hormones such as adrenaline into the bloodstream. Restorative asanas lower the heart rate and release calming hormones such as serotonin.

During vinyasa we learn to deal with these quick switches of the nervous system learning how to cope better with the stresses life brings.

Savasana allows deep meditation and rest. An opportunity to let go of anything that holds us down or holds us back and a chance for deep repair to occur on all levels.

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