Yogasana; The Blues

Sometimes life can be demanding and things happen to us that bring us down. Part of the medicine is to surround yourself with positive people; our teacher Claire had a lovely saying about people either being like rocks, pulling you and weighing you down or they are like balloons, lifting you higher and being light. Seek out the people who bring light into your life and try to let go of the things that weigh you down. Trying this sequence may make a difference to your wellbeing. Try this sequence to avoid the blues and lift your spirits.

AM 10 minute sequence to be done immediately on rising from bed:

  • 2 minute Salamba Sarvangasana; alignment and the setup of this posture is really important. You do not want the weight of the body to be in the neck. We suggest using a yoga mat; fold the mat halfway and then again until you have a nice ‘pillow’ region to support the neck and shoulders nicely. Please the top of the shoulders on the very topmost part of the mat. This should feel comfortable and offer a little support. As you are ready, come to Halasana (feet overhead to the earth). Place the palms to the lowers pine; all 10 fingers facing skyward either side of the spine. Now slowly tuck the low front and low back pelvis in and up. Lift one leg and then the opposite. Be sure to be on the shoulders and elbows; no weight on the neck. The legs should be skyward; you should only be able to see a small part of the hamstrings. Big toes touch. Focus your gaze on the toes. Relax and breathe. Alternative; Viparita Karani (legs up the wall)

  • 2 minutes Halasana; as above; so feet come to touch the earth. Front of the feet in contact with the earth. Point the toes. Palms can rest to the earth with palms interlaced. Walk the feet away from the face and relax.

  • 1 minute Jathara Parivatanasana; release the interlace of your palms. Using your core strength gently and slowly uncurl the legs down to earth. Take your left knee to your chest; circle the ankle in each direction and then twist gently so the left knee comes to the right side. Optional; take the left arm and send it our behind you in 1 neat line from the shoulder. Turn and see the left palm. Sink the left shoulder down to earth and gently relax the left knee to the earth using the right palm to ease and relax.

  • 1 minute Jathara Parivatanasana on the opposite side

  • 4 minutes Savasana

PM 30 minute session:

  • 3 minutes Virasana; there’s a few options here as demonstrated. Remember not to pull or manipulate the calves at all; keep everything neatly aligned and avoid ‘pulling the calves out to the side’. Sit with straight spine. Alternative: sit with seat to heels in Vajrasana. Wherever you are breathe deep into the belly; focus on the inhale filling you with light.

  • 3 minutes Adhomukha Virasana; if you are able, then you can start to forward bend with a straight back. Eventually you may be able to bring the elbows onto your knees, forehead onto a book or block or rest onto 2 stacked fists. Let the head and neck be heavy

  • 3 minutes Supta Virasana: if you are able, then you can recline to lie on your back. Remember to use books as you wish; beneath the shoulders, the head or simply rest on the forearms and elbows. Options shown.

  • 1 minute Dandasana; mindfully straighten both legs out in front. Gently pull the thighs up to protect the knees. Sit with straight spine. Close the eyes. Breathe right into the heart and feel grounded.

  • 2 minutes Supta Baddha Konasana; soles of feet together quite close to your groin. You can ‘butterfly’ the knees gently here; lifting both and releasing them a little deeper a few time. As you wish, you can start to recline onto the back. Again, rest on forearms and elbows, onto bricks or onto your back.

  • 3 minutes Paschimottonasana; straight legs in front, active thighs. With a straight spine, begin to forward fold maintaining the natural curvature of the spine. Let the head and heart relax. Breathe fully into your open back.

  • 1 minute Simple Twist; sit upright and twist gently to the right taking the right palm behind you and the left palm towards the right thigh. Inhale; lengthen and exhale; rotate a little deeper. Remember this is a twist; not a turn so keep both hips facing forward.

  • 1 minute Simple Twist in the opposite direction

  • 6 minutes Viparita Karani; legs up the wall posture with the seat and legs firmly against the wall. Relax the palms either alongside the body or on the belly and heart.

  • 7 minutes Savasana with eyes covered

We would recommend some chanting of some kind; if you are familiar with Kirtan then you can try to practice some. Otherwise, put some music on and sing along; something upbeat and optimistic.


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