Ashtanga; Food is Nourishment

All experiences leave an energetic trace named ‘samskara’ like a mental scar determining our future actions (karma). Let these samskara settle and build up and they can become emotional knots ‘granthis’ which block our whole esoteric system and cause numerous psychological conflicts. Most people who suffer body image disorders, low self-esteem or depression have suffered such a traumatic experience that they feel they can’t cope. The emotions are too much to bear and they want to shut out the chaos of life. Their energy becomes blocked and they can't release their pain or anger, so negative emotions build and transform the entire energy of one's character and life.

The practice of Yoga clears away these energetic blockages and makes a clear path for the energy to release, be let go of and so allowing room for new energy to pass and a new perspective to occur.

All foods contain prana ‘vital life energy’. Certain foods contain different energies which affect our emotions. Chocolate famously makes us feel comforted and happy whilst stodgy foods make us feel heavy and lethargic. One only need abstain from food for a few days and you realise that the mental fog or ‘avidya’ dissipates. Never be fooled; food has a direct impact on your emotions and mental state. Clean foods equal a clean mind. Suddenly emotions become very black and white without these contributing energies. Some people fast whilst grieving as it provides a sense of security; we feel in control and can cope better with the raw emotion of loss.

By blocking out food, we feel less connected with their body and therefore less aware of the emotional pains. Anorexics feel they have regained control by cutting off the body’s messages to the mind. The simple fact is we never can be in control. Yoga’s real purpose is just that; we must try our best at all times but accept that the outcome is not ours to decide.

So nourishment is vital on all levels.

You are what you eat. Choose processed, dirty foods and your body's chemistry will shift dramatically toward a negative state. Choose whole, clean, pure foods and you will notice a more positive vibration occur inside and out.


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