Yogasana; Moon Cycle Flow

PMS/ Menstruation/Infertility

Moon Cycle Flow:

Suitable if you are having any issues relating to your moon cycle; menstruation pains, absence of period, issues when trying for a baby, hormonal headaches or other symptoms. This sequence is again designed to let our awareness resonate in the areas of our body where we may feel out of connection or out of sync. This sequence also helps to bring energy and flow to the fertility organs and bring a sense of calm, restoration and nourishment.

AM 15 minute sequence to be practiced on rising from bed:

  • Standing wide stance come into 2 minutes Utthita Trikonasana – Make sure the heart space is open, pelvis is neutral and thighs are gently active to protect the knees

  • Re-bend the front leg and place elbow to knee in Utthita Parsvakonasana – optional to place lower palm onto blocks or earth inside or outside front foot

  • Stand tall and turn feet to face opposite direction to take same sequence opposite legs; 2 minutes Utthita Trikonasana

  • 2 minutes Utthita Parsvakonasana

  • Stand tall and heel-toe the feet to meet together

  • 2 minutes Uttanasana – deep forward bend with knees bent, palms and/or head resting on blocks.

  • 2 minute savasana

PM 30 minute sequence

  • 3 minutes Baddhakonasa - wide legged seated forward bend, soles of feet together. Blocks beneath knees. Spine neutral; bring the eyes to close and focus the mind on either the space between the eyebrows or toward the tip of the nose.

  • 3 minutes Supta Baddhakonasana – recline gently with a neutral spine. Can rest the elbows onto books; if the head is back then also rest the head onto a support. If possible, lie all the way to earth and release, relax. Silently repeat ‘Inhale; let’ ‘Exhale; Go’

  • 3 minutes Janu Sirsasana; inhale return out of the previous posture. Using the elbows as support. Gently straighten the legs out along the earth. Pull the left knee into your chest and hug tightly. Then place the knee out to the side and bring the calf down to the earth; foot to thigh and thigh pushing to foot gently. Pull up the right thigh. Take both palms outside the right thigh and micro-twist out to the right side. Be mindful to move gently. This may be enough for you; simply bring the palms either side of the right leg, maintain a neutral spine with the low front pelvis pulling inwards and upwards. Alternatively you may wish to bow down over the outstretched leg; aiming for your nose to align over the knee. Breathe fully.

  • 3 minutes Janu Sirsasana on the opposite leg

  • 3 minutes Paschimottonasana – Straighten both legs along the earth and softly fold the body down with gravity. Keep the thighs gently active and the spine nice and long. Let the head fall fully; no tension in the neck or jaw.

  • 3 minutes Supta Padangusthasana – Lie with your back and soles of feet to the earth. Settle the spine, relax and let go. Hug the right leg into your chest and circle the ankle in both directions. Softly extend the leg to sky and take the palms either side of the thigh, calf or foot, pointing the foot gently. Pause here. If you want to go further, then play with straightening the left leg along the earth.

  • 3 minutes Supta Padangushtasana on the opposite side

  • 3 minutes Viparita Karani – 2 options here; you can either use a brick beneath the sacrum; be sure that the back feels comfortable. Any pinching or discomfort is a sign to back off and out of the posture. Alternatively, scoot your seat right to the edge of a wall and let the legs come against the wall and rest gently. Let the belly and heart be full of breath and see if you can pull the bathroom muscles further up on each exhale to really release any stagnant energy or air. Relax here. Cover the eyes to go within.

  • 6 minutes Savasana – focus on the belly and the pelvis. Let the breath go and just be. Relax.

This sequence really is amazing. It could help with menstrual pains, abdominal pains and digestive issues. It’s deliciously calming and we would recommend incorporating it into your week at least twice to start. 30 minutes can seem a lot at first, especially in our hectic lives. But think of the time as an investment; 30 minutes to re-centre and remember who you are and live from your centre? That’s surely got to be worth the effort!

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