Ashtanga; Yoga Nourishes My Soul

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Yoga; Bliss.

We write so much about descending; diving deep within, letting go, getting grounded and sinking into the soul. In return, there is a balance. As you descend your consciousness, you soul, spirit or subsconciousness begins to ascend; to rise, to float and to become more accessible.

Yoga is the path to ascension. The more we practice Yoga, the more our soul lifts. We can recalibrate and ascend to new, dizzying heights and possibilities.

At the beginning of my first yoga training course we were asked what our yoga practice meant to us and why we wanted to learn more; I replied that it had saved me. It seems dramatic to make such a statement but it was the absolute truth.

Around twenty ago one of my closest friends had been suffering from anorexia nervosa for a long time. She weighed very little and had received numerous treatments to attempt to cure but each time there was a little progression only to be followed by relapse shortly after. All of us felt we had lost our friend. With time hope faded. Then by chance my friend was inspired to practise yoga. Within months there was positive change; their recovery was not overnight but I can honestly say that they are now fully and completely healed through the yogic practice alone.

I too have reaped the benefits of Yoga; I lost a lot of weight, changed my outlook from a negative, low state to a more confident, positive outlook, lost depression and returned to wholeness. I feel empowered, positive, wild and free. I feel full and complete thanks to my Yoga practice on and off the mat.

Yoga is food for the soul. The entire philosophy feeds our body, mind and spirit back to good health and balance. My study of Yoga particularly helped me piece together how and why it’s so effective at healing. Of course all cases are individual and there isn’t a solid on-fix cure for anorexia but I strongly feel that a regular vinyasa practice could help to heal many more. Vinyasa yoga can contribute to helping cure this and similar illnesses helping sufferers learn how to re-love and re-connect to their inner divinity through this beautiful moving meditation.

Yoga is an 8-petalled philosophy; 'Ashtanga' means 8 limbs. This month will focus on how Yoga recalibrates a broken soul toward unity . We will look at each limb or petal of Yoga. It fixes us. It fills us with hope, determination and faith in life and the possibility of wholeness.

We fall. We rise.

We inhale. We exhale.

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