Perfection; Meditation aka Diving in Deep


Meditation....the mermaid-art of diving deep into the ocean of your consciousness.

An art perfected by practice, persistence and dedication.

Like diving into an ocean; sometimes the surface seems tricky. But beneath all is calm.

One month we will focus on the art of Dhyana (meditation) in full.

But for now, remember that the perfection lies in the imperfection of the practice.

What you perceive to be sitting and fidgeting and thinking and actively un-meditating is all part of the journey!

If you want to find true fulfilment, you must practice a little meditation each and every day.

Simple meditation:

  • Make an empty, clutter-free, techno-free space (phones, tvs, lights off)

  • Get a comfy cushion or pillow

  • Sit cross ankle or comfortably with spine upright, chin parallel to earth

  • Set a manual timer for 4 minutes

  • Close eyes

  • Breath normally a couple of breaths

  • Deepen the breath

  • Close the lips, breathe through your nose

  • Lengthen and deepen the breath

  • Concentrate on the oceanic sound of the breath

  • Every time the mind begins to wander, bring it back to the breath

  • When timers sounds, open eyes; soft gaze

  • Slowly unravel the body and the mind

  • Clear the space

Practice twice per day to get to know oneself, recalibrate and realign your soul.

Find perfection.

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