Perfection; Be Don't Do


Be. Don't do.

Your life, as it is right now, is brilliantly perfect for you.

Back in the day, our ancestors were farmers; they worked in harmony with and depended on the rhythms of nature. They understood the sunrise, sun fall, the levels of rain, the storms, and the fertility of the earth and the creatures of nature. They respected and honoured nature for without an understanding of her patterns, we would reap no crops and have no sustenance.

The seasons and rising of each sun cycle directly impacted the foods and income of each family.

As we have separated from this way of life, we have separated emotionally, physically and mentally from nature. We have lost touch with our very source. We now miss seeing the flawless sun rise, the rolling oceans, and the direction of the winds and patterns of the weather.

Today, in this Western world we prefer to take an Instagram of our meal rather than savour the smell and taste. We run along on the beach with headphones plugged in, constantly checking our stats on our iPhones. The sun rise and fall go unnoticed for we are sitting indoors, eyes stuck on a television screen selling us ideas and products to further separate us from nature.

We keep ourselves busy so as to keep fulfilled.

When we stop and take notice of our lives and what we have become, we may fill up with dread.

To lose touch with the source of life; nature, is to lose touch with yourself.

Do not buy into what society and big corporations want you to. Return to the source. Get back into the natural rhythms of the world and fall into yourself again. Right now, in this moment, you hold the choice as to how your life will unfold. So let go of anything that does not serve you and create the life you want.

Close the PC, go outdoors, take a jog or a walk and look to the sky. Breathe in; fill up with air until your lungs feel they might burst. Listen fully to the sounds about you. Really see and absorb the colours and objects that surround you. Now feel; I bet you feel more alive and whole than you have done recently.

I urge you to take some time. Reflect.

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