Perfection; Asana


This seemingly imperfect life is perfect.

On the mat no two bodies are the same hence a room of yogi/nis will never display a uniform line of Trikonasana (triangle).

Every single one of us is beautifully unique.

Next time you are on your mat, drop judgment completely. Just be. The more you can feel, then the more you will feel. Rigidity and constriction unravel and leave the body to really flow with the breath.

Be open and stay open.

If you need to modify or return a pace or place a palm down to give you stability, then go ahead and do that. This practice is exactly that; a ‘practice’ and it is unique to each one of us. Sometimes we progress and other times we need to return back.

The asana are a tool for cleansing; we clear the path of junk; emotional fears, regrets and tension, stress and all the things that hold us back. To lengthen out and relax tension, increases space and the possibility for light and positivity to radiate throughout you.

So, let go, dive into the breath and honestly don’t give a hoot about what you look like or whether it’s ‘right’ or ‘aligned’ enough. When you stop using your mind and start listening to your heart, then you’ll know intuitively what is right for you.