Perfection; Flowers In Bloom

If you ever doubt that perfection exists, just visit a garden and see the wonder of flowers in bloom. Remember you are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe. Just as this planet shifts in orbit about the sun, so too do other planets and other galaxies. The whole universe is dancing in orbit, just as the tiny cells of your body are dancing in orbit within right now.

Reflect on that.

See how a tiny seedling has pushed through the heavy, compact earth to receive sunlight and water, to grow and uncurl toward the sun and become a gorgeous flower of unique colour and pattern.

No matter your past or your future. One is forever lost and the other is not guaranteed.

Know that right now is the only moment that matters. Right now, this imperfect moment, is absolutely perfect.

Sometimes you have got to dig deep, through the mud and the heavy soils to find that root; that power, that source. And remember that the warm sun and the cool rain were vital in the unfurling of your heart and colours.

Light and shadow; embrace them both.

The only moment that matters; now.

© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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