Perfection; Heartbreak


All of us will suffer difficult times; confusion, fear, loss and suffering.

But the ancient yogis taught us that life is perfect exactly as it is. Light cannot exist without darkness.

We must embrace the light and the shadow in equal measure for each is part of one another.

Try to drop your association and perception of ‘pain’ versus ‘pleasure’ and see if you can dive deep into each experience equally. For both allow us to truly feel and realise presence and perfection equally. When one of our most beloved cats passed away, shortly followed by our wonderful mother, I had never felt more raw and alive. I suddenly realised that I had not been living my life at all. Instead I had been stumbling through life with my vision and heart half closed. I had taken so much and so many for granted and suddenly I realised that one day I would lose all I had come to love and made attachments to. Fear became unimportant. Whether I was scare or not became irrelevant; the only thing we can truly be certain of is that one day we will die. Life will leave our bodies and our souls will move on. All we have come to love will be no more. If that isn’t enough to spur you on to creating, living and fulfilling your dreams then nothing will.

All heartache occurs in order to open us up a little more.

When we are open and spacious, more light can enter and fill us up.

So do not let trauma close you off. If you lose a loved one or a relationship ends, you lose a job or become broken in some small or great way, try to embrace it.

Really feel the emotion and recognise that this is an opportunity to let light fill you up. Brokenness is an illusion.

I know I have mentioned Habib Sadgehi before but the following passage is taken from an article you can find at

‘Things of great beauty rarely just appear. More often, they're the result of a fashioning process where pieces are removed or rearranged in a way that gives rise to the perfection out of something that we mistakenly saw as imperfect in the first place. A great sculptor doesn't see a blunt block of marble. He sees the angel inside it and removes the pieces around her so that she may be freed’

Loss teaches us to be grateful for what we have and for the gift of life.

Every person who enters our life is a teacher. Every part of suffering occurs to offer you the opportunity to grow, to learn and to find liberation and peace.

Take nothing for granted; drink it all up.

Just keep diving deep.

And deeper still.

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