Perfection; Love

The whole world consists of energy. Every single fibre of existence is vibrating particles of light and space. The gaps between the light and space appears to be darkness. There are many laws at play to keep this beautiful creation alive; even on our tiny, spinning, orbiting planet we have the laws of gravity, quantum physics and most importantly the laws of balance and imbalance; to give and to receive.

As humans we are literally fields of energy and according to the Law of Attraction, what we put out into the Universe will directly bounce back to us. To give is to receive. It makes complete sense then to realise that one can never realise real, true, unconditional, deep love unless one truly loves themselves first.

You cannot receive the secrets and abundance of the Universe if you are closed off and blind to them.

So the most important sentence anyone can tell you is literally ‘love yourself and all will fall into place’. Love your life and life will love you right back.

Realise that what you perceive as your flaws and imperfections are exactly what make you unique and beautiful. So long as you do each and every thing with love and good intention, then energetically this will bounce back to you.

To love you takes many parts; first and foremost, you must forgive and forget. Let go of all that does not serve you. Then we must accept every little part of us and work where we need to. And lastly, remain open at all times to both shadow and light experience.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain, so keep your heart open at all times.

Love streams from the heart, so be open and aware of your emotions and be equally open in happiness and hurt.

'It's the space betwen the notes that makes the music'

Wayne Dyer

Tips for self-loving:

  • Meditate

  • Nourish

  • Massage

  • Be honest in all relationships

  • Live your dreams; really

  • Do what makes you happy


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