Perfection; Appearance


Our Appearance

Perfection is not a honed body, a beautiful, creaseless face or material wealth as social media and the Press would have us believe. In ancient times the aged, wrinkled adults were worshipped and honoured as wise sages. Their life experience was looked to as an example by the younger generation. Every line on their face told a story; laughter lines showed thousands of smiles, aged hands showed hard work and a body raw with aches and pains showed the journey of one’s life and that rest was now their reward.

Nowadays, we literally seek to iron out and fill those lines of experience with unnatural chemicals; poisons even. We have fallen into this trap so deeply that it occurs to me that we are losing our wisdom and moving further away from liberation. Vanity and obsession with our appearance, whether it be chasing an impossible youth or restricting our diets and hating our bodies; the temples of our souls, we are literally falling deeper and deeper into Ego.

If only the human race put as much effort into conserving the planet as they do in conserving their youth. Then we might not be facing a mass extinction of rare and delightful plants, animals and entire habitats.

But instead we are a world obsessed with toxic chemicals and fillers. Our elders look more and more plastic; no lines, no sign of wisdom, no letting go. But instead an unholy clinging on to that which can never exist; that which nature did not intend. We are supposed to age, we are supposed to slow down and let go.

As I move toward my forties, I feel so much more confident and happy in myself. I look in the mirror and see new lines each and every day. But I genuinely love that shift; that change. It reminds me that I am a creature of nature. No potion on lotion is going to keep me looking like I did when I was eighteen. And to be quite honest, I would not want to go back. I am far happier now than I was then. When I look at women and men who have invested in plastic surgery, I see a tortured soul who is more concerned with what others think of them than they are with getting to know themselves. These people look unnatural and quite frankly they can look pretty scary.

So, be grateful for what you were given.

Your body allows you to exist on this planet and provides a tool for your expression. Look after it as if it were your most valuable possession ever. You will not be given a second one so learn to love what you have. No two bodies are the same. Honour yours by looking after it; exercising it, nourishing it on all levels; mental gratitude, physical reward and emotional acceptance and remember to never buy into what others are selling you as ‘beautiful’. Eastern cultures view beauty as a very different thing to what we in the Western world view it.


‘I am beautiful. I honour and accept my body fully’.

‘As I age, I become wise. I am a sage’.

Appearance Tips

  • Look within. Not without

  • Use natural products on your body; it only takes 27 seconds for products applied to your skin to reach your bloodstream

  • Beauty is an inside job; think positively and offer loving kindness to all; don’t be selective

  • ‘All’ includes yourself!

  • Don’t keep clothes for ‘slim’ days or ‘special’ occasions; wear your best clothes each and every day

  • Write a positive mantra on your mirror with a gold pen or red lipstick ‘I am beautiful’ ‘Beauty is an inside job’ ‘I love myself and embrace every part’ ‘I am whole’ ‘I am authentic’ ‘Imperfection is beauty’

  • Treat yourself to weekly Epsom salt baths, honey face masks and coconut oil hair masks; even if you’re a man!

  • Treat yourself each month to one product or item of clothing that is going to make you feel amazing

  • Create a moodboard of your most inspirational scenes, idols and wishes and hang one up in at least 2 of your rooms; more on this later

  • Accept and be grateful for how you are right now. You have the power to create anything you want. Don’t wait; be your perfect version of you today

  • Ignore the ridiculousness of how society views perfect appearance; it is not a certain size, it is not a certain colour, it is not a certain physique. Beauty literally comes in all shapes and sizes. Here is a little gallery of beauty to inspire you

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