Organic is Orgasmic!

We believe its super-duper important to always choose organic where possible. As vegans we consume way above average vegetables and fruits when compared with the omnivorous diet. You may not be aware but farmers want to get a high yield of their crops and therefore spray the vegetable and fruit crops with poisons to kill and detract any insects from eating the plants. It's a debated topic, but these pesticides are relatively new and we do not know the long-term extend of how harmful they are to humans.

Simply put; if a drop of the pesticide is killing a tiny insect and it's rainproof and waterproof, do we really want to be consuming whole vegetables and plants laced with these poisons? Is simply washing the veg enough to rid it of these poisons?

It's like Botox; we all know it's poisonous and yet many women and men would never dream of ingesting it but they are happy to fill their largest body organ (the skin) full to the brim with the stuff. You have a choice; eat the pesticides and risk long-term health damage and 'see what will happen later' or look after your body, use your savvy and come to the safest conclusion; if these sprays are killing small insects, then how are my tiny bodily cells going to react to these over long-term consumption? It's not rocket science. Do not let the farming industry fool you. Organic is orgasmic because it's cleaner, non-toxic and it will lead you a longer, healthier life.

We know it costs more and it can be difficult so here is our top tip of what we consider a MUST for organic:

- apples

- strawberries

- celery

- peaches

- blueberries

- nectarines

- peppers

- spinach

- kale

- potatoes

- lettuce

Plus check out Amazon for Veggie Wash...a natural way to clean non-organic veg & rid it of those health destroying pesticides. All non-organic fruits and vegetables should be washed, re-washed and washed some more. Seriously; remove as much toxicity as possible before you feed it into your temple for your soul. We are literally what we ingest so never be stingy in the scrubbing factor when preparing your foods for meals and or snacks.

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