Enlightenment! Goals


Yoga teaches us how to be who we really are in every moment. To be fully present and aware. To allow the mind and ego; the fog or avidya to dissolve and for our vision of the true self to be real and clear.

Setting goals and having purpose and focus is a strong way of gaining the most out of what precious little time we have. The law of attraction means that we reap what we sow. If we put positivity and light into all situations, even the seemingly negative ones, we will gain positive outcomes.

Life has twists and turns, dips and rises, but every situation has a shadow side and a lesson to teach us. If we are truly present and think before we speak or act, then we will live with no regrets and have a more fulfilling life along the way.

Your goals do not have to be major; they can be small, even on a daily basis. You can write them down or you can seal them in your heart and soul.

I found a book yesterday with my goals from 2008. I had written out 10 statements as if I had already achieved them for example 'I practise yoga daily, every day without fail'. I had then written my reason for each attainment next to it. Just a few brief words like 'to remember who I really am and be cleansed of what I am not'.

Out of these 10 statements I have attained 8 of them yet I never really celebrated that fact at the time. I never patted myself on the back or acknowledged that I had achieved what I set out to do. So you see there is still much work to do. Because if I were truly living in the moment, I would have noticed how far I had travelled and how I had shifted and changed my perceptions along the way.

If we achieve our goals but do not acknowledge them, then what is the point?! And if we are moving on and writing more goals all the time without seeing where we presently are, then are we really living in the present? Or are we focusing on the future?

So, yes I believe in setting goals or aspirations so that we can channel our energy and have purpose. But more importantly, I think we should keep regularly assessing where we are at, how far we have come and focus on the present, present, present.

And remember that sometimes what we set out to achieve doesn't always have the effect we desired or envisioned. Don't be disheartened. Purpose is stronger than outcome. Don't give up believing and see the light in all situations.

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