Nourish! Supplement Tips & Vitality

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There's a common misconception that vegans are lacking in certain vitamins and are lacking in nutritional vitality. This is nonsense; we know plenty of people who eat meat and dairy and have an unbalanced diet and suffer the consequences; a lowered immunity and increased illness.

Diets are a science; it takes a lot of pre-planning and reading up to get it right. Yet you don't have to be checking the Food Bible every mealtime to ensure that you are getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals. You can follow some simple steps every day to make sure you are eating an optimum amount of good, healthy, whole foods.

Vitamin B12

This one is notoriously difficult for vegans to obtain. So be sure to buy some nutritional yeast and sprinkle it generously on dinners and lunches every day. It goes great on soups and warm meals aswell as on raw meals and snacks; kale chips especially. Engevita is readily available in shops, supermarkets and health stores.


Most mylks are fortified but we like to eat a lot of sesame seeds to get our calcium too. Sprinkle on salads, add them to dinners and as part of your seed snacks. If you reeally don't dig the taste of sesame seeds, then mill them up as part of your omega trail (follows).

Tahini and kale are awesome sources of calcium aswell.


Beautifying oils for your skin, hair and nails and to keep your muscles and joints youthful. We like to add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds to our Vitamix blender and whizz up to make a fine powder. Add to your daily juice, smoothie, porridge, brekkie or salad for healthy benefits. Store this mix in the fridge; keeps for about 3 weeks so can make large quantities at any one time. Flax seeds and hemp seeds are good aswell.

Omegas; second option

We like to use Viridian Beauty Oil or Udo's oil to get omegas aswell. Pour into your juices, smoothies, over salads or main meals.

Vitamin E

Almonds and almond butter are brilliant sources of vitamin E. Want a nice treat? Apple and almond butter is deish!


Black strap molasses are an excellent source of iron; can add to your porridge. Spirulina; this algae has a distinctive fishy taste and is great in guacamole (avocado, lemon and red onion); there are many supermarket snacks containing this little superfood aswell. Pumpkin seeds have a lot of iron aswell.

We don't take vitamins and we regularly have check-ups to make sure we are nutritionally balanced. Vegetables, fruits and nuts are nature's way of feeding our bodies all that we need. The key is to have a varied diet; mix it up so play with different vegetables and fruits on a day-to-day basis, add lots of seeds where possible and alternate cooked foods with uncooked foods.

There are plenty of sources and information online about how to get vitality from your foods. Our advice? Listen to your body and honour it's needs. There is no need to go out and purchase loads of expensive supplements. A teaspoon of the seed mix above, some coconut oil and a sprinkle of a basic green powder should see you through if you are enjoying a fresh, whole foods diet. More on this subject coming soon!

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