As the days draw out and night time shortens Daylight stretches out Enlightenment and optimism arise

We hope you are all doing really well and are enjoying the longer, brighter days with moments of sunshine! Upcoming articles this month include more tips on nourishment and plenty of tricks for starting to incorporate yoga and meditation into everyday life. Positive affirmations are vital for creating a positive life. Many people turn to Yoga as a way of managing stress and finding a meditation practice so we feel this month is a good opportunity to focus on the light in all realms. We will be sharing many tips on how to create abundance and enlightenment into your life. Along with a hormone balanced, Shakti flow you will find a re-cap and short tips of how to embrace our first themes of the year; Cleansing. On the horizon: there will be no Tuesday evening sessions for the first 2 weeks of April. Hope to see some of you on the mat! Love & light, Keira & Maia

Hormone Balancing Flow This sequence is hormone balancing and particularly suitable for women looking to balance their moon cycle, fertility or symptoms of hormonal misbalance. The postures are designed to help bring energy and restoration to the fertility organs and bring a sense of calm, restoration and nourishment. Evening 30 minute sequence:

  • 3 minutes Baddhakonasa - wide legged seated forward bend, soles of feet together.

  • 3 minutes Supta Baddhakonasana - same position but recline gently with a neutral spine.

  • 3 minutes Janu Sirsasana - gently straighten the legs out along the earth. Pull the left knee into your chest and hug tightly. Then place the knee out to the side and bring the calf down to the earth; foot to thigh and thigh pushing to foot gently.

  • 3 minutes Janu Sirsasana on the opposite leg

  • 3 minutes Paschimottonasana – Straighten both legs along the earth and softly fold the body down with gravity.

  • 3 minutes Supta Padangusthasana – Lie with your back and soles of feet to the earth. Softly extend the leg to sky and take the palms either side of the thigh, calf or foot, pointing the foot gently.

  • 3 minutes Supta Padangushtasana on the opposite side

  • 3 minutes Viparita Karani - scoot your seat right to the edge of a wall and let the legs come against the wall and rest gently.

  • 6 minutes Savasana – focus on the belly and the pelvis. Let the breath go and just be. Relax

CLEANSE TIPS On the mat: - Make the breath your single point of focus. Drop awareness of all else that exists - Align with your heart, not your head. Feel don't think - Find your playful edge; the place that challenges you but does not cause tension or tightness - Let go of gripping; be soft and spacious - Release your jaw, buttocks and hips - Positive thoughts encourage positive change - Play!

Off the mat: - Choose simple foods; organic, whole and plant-based ingredients - Read labels and don't be fooled by words such as 'natural' 'organic' or 'sugar free' - Body brush daily for 1 to 3 minutes - Drink more water; 8 glasses minimum - Drink a green juice daily or weekly - Practice yoga; breath, movement and meditation all rolled into one! Medicine for the soul!

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